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Dock And Door Maintenance Guide

August 3, 2021

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Does your company rely heavily on the loading or unloading of goods from a dock or warehouse area? If you answered yes to that question, the importance of following proper dock and door maintenance cannot be overstated. If these critical pieces of equipment begin to break down or malfunction, your entire business (including customers and vendors), will be waiting on a repair or replacement. Make sure your team is following the basics in this dock and door maintenance guide in between professional service calls.

Best Practices for Loading Dock & Door Maintenance

Loading dock and door equipment are available in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations. Most equipment will require a professional maintenance team during the year, but in between these appointments, you can train your team to initiate all of the following best practices and procedures:

Engage Staff in Proper Training

Your team won't recognize an issue if they haven't been trained properly.  

Many manufacturers and professional installers provide training and guides for their equipment. Be sure to support and educate your team on the basics of proper equipment functioning and train them to recognize performance issues and red flags. 

The important thing here is to make sure that your team cares about the equipment they are using -- i.e. foster engagement. By supporting and encouraging your team to take responsibility for the equipment, they're much more likely to call in the pros before equipment becomes inoperable. 

Draft a Maintenance, Inspection, and Service Schedule

All dock equipment requires maintenance, inspections, and service to function correctly. Consult with the manufacturer, installer, or distributor, create a schedule for these items, and enroll your team to follow the plan. Be sure to focus on preventative maintenance; if you're unsure of what this entails, our team at DoorSystems can guide you. 

Regular Maintenance, Cleaning, and Organizing

It's tempting to think of warehouse dock and door maintenance as a big job involving many specialized equipment and tools. However, inspection, cleaning, and organizing are just as much part of the maintenance process as professional maintenance services. Simple inspections and cleanliness can go a long way for your dock area and help extend your equipment's operational life. Ensure that cleaning is carried out with more frequency than standard maintenance, and provide training and support so that your personnel knows how to complete cleaning correctly. Many manufacturers and installers offer inspection checklists. Train your team on proper daily inspection procedures to ensure equipment is functioning correctly.

For dock leveler cleaning, your team should know how to clean it when it's below dock position, ensure that toe guards are free of dirt and debris, and follow guidelines for your specific type of equipment.

Work with a Maintenance Partner

Choose your maintenance partner wisely to avoid falling victim to sub-standard work and the downtime and expense that follow. Most new equipment comes with a warranty, but partnering with a professional dock and door maintenance team can help you avoid costly repairs. 

Look for reviews, peer feedback, and response time to inquiries. At DoorSystems, we aim to help you spend more time running your business and less time thinking about your doors, docks, and access solutions. As industry leaders in products and solutions, we help businesses like yours all over North America install and maintain their doors, docks, and access solutions. As a global organization, we are equipped to support your business with all of your dock and door maintenance needs.

Do you need a dock and door maintenance partner? Contact DoorSystems today!