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Why is My Garage Door Sticking?

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A garage door sticking is one of the most frustrating and dangerous things you can deal with in your home. The door is supposed to provide security, convenience, and protection from the elements, but it fails to deliver when it starts to stick. If you experience your garage door sticking when opening, you should address the issue promptly to prevent further damage. 

A properly operating garage door keeps intruders out of your property and minimizes safety risks to kids and pets. Here is everything you need to know about sticking garage doors.

Possible Reasons Why Garage Door Sticks When Opening

Understanding why residential garage doors stick when opening helps you find a solution, preventing the security compromises that come with a malfunctioning one. Several reasons may cause the door to stick, including the following:

Misaligned Tracks or Rollers

Garage door rollers move inside the tracks, guiding the door’s movement as it opens and closes. Over time, the tracks and rollers experience wear and tear that makes them misaligned, causing the garage door to stick or make it hard to open and close. Poor maintenance or damage to the tracks and rollers can cause them to become misaligned, making it difficult to use the garage door.   

Misaligned tracks and rollers make the garage door produce unusual noises and also make it difficult to open and close it. If you note any of these signs, you should address the issue promptly to avoid further damage to the door or the door opener system.

Dirty or Rusty Tracks

As dirt, debris, and other substances accumulate on the tracks, they prevent the garage door from moving smoothly along its path. Also, if you fail to maintain your door tracks properly, rust accumulates on them, making the rollers get stuck. Rust can also weaken the structural integrity of the tracks, making them more prone to further damage or failure. 

Worn-out or Broken Springs

Your garage door springs provide the force to lift and lower the heavy door. But over time, the springs may become worn out or broken, especially with a lack of proper maintenance. Broken or worn-out springs:

  • Lack enough tension to lift the door properly, causing it to become stuck in an open or closed position
  • Cause the door to move unevenly, putting stress on other parts of the door opener system, leading to more problems
  • Can make the door drop suddenly, creating a safety hazard

How to Prevent Your Garage Door From Sticking

Now that you know why your garage door sticks when opening, you can easily prevent the problem through regular maintenance. Your routine garage door maintenance steps should include the following:

  • Lubricating the moving parts, like hinges, rollers, and springs, to reduce friction
  • Cleaning tracks and rollers to prevent dirt and debris accumulation
  • Replacing worn-out hardware like door springs and rollers to ensure the door moves smoothly
  • Tightening loose components such as nuts, bolts, or screws to maintain the door’s balance
  • Inspecting door panels for any damages to ensure smooth operation

Before regularly maintaining your door, you must note that garage doors operate under high tension and pressure. It’s, therefore, best to hire professional residential garage door services to perform any maintenance or repairs for the safe operation of your garage door.

Stop Garage Door Sticking with Door Systems

If you are tired of the garage door sticking when opening, check out residential garages from Door Systems. Our products and services are designed to help homeowners prevent and resolve garage door sticking issues. We ensure smooth operation and long-lasting performance by offering high-quality garage doors and components. 

In addition to our products, we also offer expert installation and maintenance services. Request a service today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your garage door will function properly and efficiently, preventing sticking issues and prolonging the life of your door.