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Commercial Door Repair Services

Speedy, Professional Commercial Door Repair Services

For more than a century, our team of knowledgeable, committed professionals has provided our customers, ranging from commercial enterprises to small businesses, with a fantastic variety of commercial door options, loading dock equipment, access solutions, comprehensive repair services, ongoing maintenance, and expert guidance. The Door Systems team understands our customers, and we’re here to give you the products and services that you need to succeed, when you need them, and where you need them. Thanks to our extensive inventory of products and great manufacturer relations, we’re able to provide your organization with the advanced door systems you desire with quick turnaround times and competitive pricing. 

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Properly functioning overhead doors are essential to any property, but they’re especially critical to commercial operations—not only for anti-theft and security purposes but for productivity purposes and thermal efficiency. 

Whether you manage a busy loading dock, a large manufacturing plant, or a small auto repair shop, you need doors and equipment that function flawlessly every single day. Our service technicians have decades of experience in the commercial doors and docks industry along with access to every tool and part we need to get you back up and running quickly!

We know how important doors and docks are to your business, and sometimes problems don’t happen during convenient hours. That’s why we are here to help, 24/7. If you need assistance with your doors, docks or access solutions, give us a call today.

Schedule Maintenance

Check the metal tracks for irregularities

Tighten all bolts and screws and take notice of any dents or flat spots.

Align Tracks

Align tracks with a level, ensuring a slight slope away from the door on the horizontal track and a straight parallel on the vertical track.


Clean both tracks and all rollers free from dirt and hardened grease.

Check All the Hardware

Tighten screws and replace damaged hinges.


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Whether you manage a manufacturing plant, busy loading dock, auto repair shop, or warehouse, you must ensure that your commercial doors are functioning properly. Commercial garage doors experience significant use during day-to-day operations, making them susceptible to typical wear and tear. Garage doors can break down unexpectedly if this typical wear is not addressed. 
Unscheduled maintenance and unplanned repairs significantly impact your operation’s productivity and efficiency. Severe damage to your garage doors also results in substantial repair costs for rapid repairs so that your business can resume operations as quickly as possible. 
While everyday wear on commercial garage doors is inevitable, regular maintenance can prevent costly significant repairs on your doors. However, sometimes time gets away from busy operators, and substantial garage door repairs are needed. 
Regardless of the extent of repairs your commercial garage doors need, Door Systems is here to help. At Door Systems, we are committed to providing Charlotte commercial businesses with reliable garage door repair services.

Common Necessary Repairs for Garage Doors

Frequent usage of garage doors causes their components to deteriorate over time, leading to necessary repairs for the doors to continue functioning optimally. In order to keep your operations running smoothly, your garage doors may need some of these common repairs. 

Cable Repairs and Replacements

Frequent use makes your garage door cables lose their tension. Cables are a key component in the doors counterbalance system, so loose cables cause garage doors to be out of balance or off track. Cables must be replaced or repaired when they have snapped and when they are too loose. 

Sensor Replacements

Responsive sensors are crucial to commercial garage door operations. If a sensor is not responding effectively, it must be replaced. 

Panel Repair and Replacement 

Typical operations can lead to door panels being dented or cracked. Damaged panels can impact the track alignment and speed of the door operations, so panels often need to be repaired or replaced. 

Track Alignment 

Track alignment inspections and repairs are common maintenance services for commercial garage doors because they support workplace efficiency and safety. When garage doors are misaligned, the speed and responsiveness of the doors suffer. Doors that are misaligned on the tracks can also pose safety risks since they can fall more easily. 

Spring Repair and Replacement

Functional garage door springs are necessary for the security and safety of your commercial garage doors. Garage door springs are often replaced or repaired to address corrosion or decreased efficiency. 


Preventative Maintenance and Safety Inspections

The most effective way to increase the lifespan of your garage doors and ensure that your operations run as efficiently and safely as possible is to invest in frequent maintenance and safety inspections. Consistent safety inspections can find potential equipment failures before they happen, decreasing overall costs and improving workplace safety. 

Complete Garage Door Replacement

When many components of the garage doors must be replaced or repaired, our customers will opt for a complete garage door replacement. A complete replacement allows your business to invest in a new door solution with a long lifespan and optimal functionality. 

Our Approach to Garage Door Repairs

At Door Systems, we are proud to provide the Charlotte, NC, area with expert garage door repair services. We follow a comprehensive, results-oriented approach to garage door maintenance so that your business can be sure that your doors are functioning smoothly and safely. Our maintenance inspections determine the overall lifespan and current condition of your garage doors. We always collaborate with our clients to ensure that we align their garage door repairs with their business goals and needs. Once we have determined the necessary repairs, we plan with our clients to schedule downtime, repair planning, and future usage. 

We don’t believe in exchanging one component in your garage door and then leaving- our detail-oriented technicians will determine the current condition of your garage doors and create a plan for preventative maintenance. 

By combining decades of experience with high-quality products and exceptional attention to detail, we ensure that your garage door will function safely and optimally. 

Reliable Garage Door Repairs in Charlotte, NC

Whether you operate a warehouse, loading facility, or other commercial business, Door Systems is here to support your garage door repair needs. Our location in Charlotte, NC, allows us to serve a wide variety of local commercial operations. If you are interested in learning more about our expert commercial garage door repair services in Charlotte, NC, contact us today

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