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Residential Garage Door Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

Local Garage Door Repair for Homeowners

When your garage door functionality goes down, so does your productivity. Broken doors are both a safety and a security risk, and we at Door Systems understand the importance of fast, reliable repair. Whether your home garage door needs a tune-up or a repair for safe and dependable operation, our expert technicians will help you and your household get back up and running as quickly as possible.

How it Works

Repairing a garage door can be a difficult task, even for the contract worker or do-it-yourself type of homeowner. Plus, it can be a quick and inexpensive fix if done by a professional, such as those on the Door Systems team.

Give us a call today and one of our experienced team members will assess and repair your door as quickly as the same day!

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Our local experts will effectively service the mechanics of your door:

  • We check the metal tracks and panels for irregularities and make sure they are aligned properly, replacing them if necessary.
  • We clean the dirt and hardened grease from the tracks to ensure a smooth and quiet operation.
  • We tighten all hardware and replace damaged hinges, rollers, cables, and springs.
  • We install garage door accessories such as new openers, wireless keypads, and photo eye sensors.

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When others glance at your residence, you might hope that they notice your landscaping or freshly painted shutters. However, your home's largest, most visible feature is likely your garage door. Residential garage doors are typically the largest physical component of a home, so they must be clean, aesthetically pleasing, and complement the exterior of your home.  

Plus, while garage doors contribute to the overall appearance of your residence, they are also crucial to maintaining the safety of your residence. Often, homeowners overlook regular maintenance and repairs on their garage doors, which makes garage doors one of the most vulnerable spots in the house for home break-ins. Garage doors that require repair or replacement are not secure and can compromise the overall security of your home. 

With these safety considerations in mind, residents and homeowners need to ensure that their garage doors are functional and reliable. When it comes to the safety and durability of your resident’s garage doors, you need repair services that you can rely on.
At Door Systems, our technicians and experts are committed to providing our customers with effective, dependable repair services. Keep reading to learn more about how we serve the Charlotte area with our reliable residential garage door repair services. 

Common Signs that Your Garage Door Needs a Tune-Up

Residential garage doors are used frequently and consistently, so natural wear and tear are inevitable. Regular maintenance is the best way to increase your garage doors' lifespan and ensure they are functioning properly. Investing in regular check-ups allows technicians to find more minor concerns with your garage doors before they turn into costly issues. There are common signs that your garage door needs repairs. If you notice one or more of the following signs, it is time to schedule a garage door service appointment. 

Your Garage Door is Stuck: 

If your garage door will not open or close, or if it is partially open and will not close all the way, it is time for some repairs. A stuck garage door may indicate a broken sensor, a faulty garage door opener, or a broken cable. 

Grinding or Popping Noises: 

If your garage door is making uncommonly loud grinding or popping noises, it may be misaligned. This is a sign that it is time for repairs to get the door back on track. 

The Track is Misaligned: 

If you notice that the door is misaligned, the garage doors may be slanted or entirely off the track. This can cause the door not to close or respond to the opener properly. 

Your Garage Door Does Not Close Properly: 

Garage doors that are sagging, out of balance, or do not close properly are no longer secure or reliable. Often these signs mean that spring must be replaced to restore safety and functionality. 

Your Garage Door is Less Responsive: 

If you notice that your garage door is taking longer than usual to respond to the opener, or if it is slower to open and close, it may need repair. These signs may require repairs to the garage door opener or sensors. 


Common Necessary Residential Garage Door Repair Services

Our Door Systems technicians are qualified to respond to various garage door repairs. Some of the most common residential garage door repairs we offer include the following: 

Panel Repair & Replacement

Frequent usage can lead to door panels being dented or cracked. Damaged panels can impact the track alignment and door appearance, so these panels often need to be repaired or replaced. 

Track Repair & Replacement

Track misalignment leads to the doors sagging or not closing properly. Often, the track on your garage doors must be repaired or replaced to restore its safety and functionality. 

Broken Spring Repair & Replacement

Functional garage door springs are necessary for the security and safety of your residential garage doors. Garage door springs are often replaced or repaired to ensure that the doors open and close properly.

Garage Door Opener Repair or Replacement

Garage door openers can decrease in responsiveness over time and will often need to be repaired or replaced. 

Garage Door Roller Replacement

Garage door rollers ensure that the doors open smoothly. Damaged or corroded rollers will result in loud, clanking noises when the garage doors open and should be replaced to improve safety and security. 

Cable Replacement

Frequent use makes your garage door cables lose their tension. Cables are a key component in the doors counterbalance system, so loose cables cause garage doors to be out of balance or off track. If the cables are too loose or have snapped completely, they must be repaired or replaced. 

Photo Eye Sensor Alignment

Photo eye sensors are essential safety features for residential garage doors, as they detect objects and ensure that the garage doors do not close when barriers are in the way. Homeowners must check that their photo eye sensors are aligned properly to ensure that their household residents and property are protected with this safety feature. 

Additional Door Opener Remotes and Wireless Keypads

Sometimes our services do not repair issues but add functionality to residential garage doors. We provide additional door opener remotes and wireless keypads to existing garage door features to optimize the convenience of your garage doors for your home. 

Preventative Maintenance and Safety Inspections

Effective preventative maintenance and regular safety inspections are key to expanding the lifespan of your garage doors and guaranteeing that your residential garage doors are safe. 

Our local Charlotte door experts are ready with comprehensive maintenance checks. We effectively service the mechanics of your door by:

  • Checking the metal tracks and panels for irregularities and ensuring they are aligned properly.
  • Cleaning the dirt and hardened grease from the tracks ensures smooth and quiet operation.
  • Tightening all hardware and replacing damaged hinges, rollers, cables, and springs.
  • Installing garage door accessories such as new openers, wireless keypads, and photo eye sensors.


Complete Garage Door Replacement

If worse comes to worst and your current garage door is irreparable, Door Systems still has your back. Our skilled technicians are skilled at installing brand-new residential garage doors and can work with you to find something that looks great with your home and fits your lifestyle needs. We offer traditional, carriage, and completely custom garage doors.

Experienced Technicians In Your Area

With over 120 combined years of field experience, we’ve got the skills and expertise required to address any problems your residential garage door may present and get you and your household back to your average day-to-day duties.

If you’re finding that your garage door is sounding unusual or is operating strangely, give Door Systems a call today to schedule a residential garage door repair. We can come to take a look at and diagnose the issue, helping you keep your equipment functioning properly and preventing any future issues that may arise.

Trust Professionals with Your Residential Garage Doors

At Door Systems, we are proud to offer expert residential garage door repair services to those living in Charlotte, NC. If you are ready to learn more about how we can help improve your garage door’s safety and functionality, contact us today! 

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