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Greenville Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement

While garage doors may seem like simple devices, they are actually complex mechanisms with many points of potential failure. However, faulty automatic garage door openers are one of the most common reasons for garage doors to fail, and if there’s one thing that’s sure to ruin your day, it’s your garage door not opening or closing when you tell it to. 

A malfunctioning garage door opener is more than just an annoyance though, it presents a personal security threat for you and your family and a safety hazard by denying you a potential emergency exit from your home. 

If your remote garage door opener has stopped working, or if it’s acting strangely and making funny noises signaling its imminent demise, you want a company that will provide garage door opener repair in Greenville, SC, that will fix or replace the unit or remote quickly and affordably and do the job right.

Garage Door Opener Repair Services in Greenville

Residential and commercial property owners across Greenville can rest assured that their garage doors are in good hands with a seasoned professional near them. At Door Systems, we recognize how garage door openers can randomly malfunction due to multiple factors, including weather, manufacturing issues, and lack of proper maintenance.

That’s why we have industry-standard tools, high-quality resources, and sharpened skills to repair your garage door opener and have it functioning like new. Repairing an existing opener is significantly more affordable than buying a new one, depending on the potential damage it may have.

If you notice your garage door behaving differently, our experts are standing by to help you resolve your problems. Get in touch today.

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Trained And Experienced Master Garage Door Opener Repair Technicians

Door Systems of Greenville has over a century of combined experience in garage door repair, maintenance, service, sales, and installation. We carry a wide selection of the most advanced remote garage door opening systems and accessories with the latest cutting-edge smart home and security features. 

Our professional field technicians are highly trained and experienced at repair and installation, and in most cases will be able to return your opener to smooth operating condition in one visit. However, if replacement is necessary, they can advise you on the right remote opener for the size and weight of your garage door and your situational requirements.

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Common Problems With Garage Door Openers

Our professional field technicians at Door Systems have seen it all when it comes to garage door opener repair in Greenville, SC, from the simple to the complicated to the downright bizarre. However, after many years of experience, they’ll tell you that some problems are more common than others. These include:

  • Intermittent and/or noisy operation
  • Loose and sagging chains or belts
  • Worn and frayed cables
  • Loose mounting bolts
  • Flashing lights
  • Remote not working
  • Wall keypad units not working
  • Photo eyes and sensors unresponsive

Whatever your particular problem, our Door Systems professionals will have your remote garage door opener up and running in no time at all. They’ll have any needed parts on hand or be able to quickly retrieve them from our large onsite inventory of replacement parts. 

We offer 24-hour emergency services so we’ll be there when you need us, and always at an affordable cost. Your security, safety, and satisfaction are always our primary concern.

When Is Garage Door Opener Replacement Recommended?

Your Door Systems technician might recommend a new garage door opener if your old one is so worn out that its continued reliability is questionable and a replacement is a better option. You might also choose a replacement to take advantage of the superior performance, technology, and safety features available in our product lineup of new remote garage door openers

You’ll be amazed at how much they’ve advanced over the last decade. But Door Systems might also recommend replacement of an older garage door opener for safety considerations and to be in compliance with government regulations.

  • In 1993, Federal Regulations were revised to require manufacturers to include specific safety features on their products. If your garage door opener was made before that date, it is unlikely that it would pass a home inspection and we would recommend a replacement. This would include those models without photo-eye safety sensors.
  • If your garage door opener was manufactured by a company that has been found negligent in a class action lawsuit to recover damages due to safety defects in their products, then we cannot service or repair that model.
  • If your brand or model of garage door opener is no longer on the market, parts for repair may not be available and replacement would be your only option.

Why Do Garage Door Openers Fail?

When your garage door opener fails you can bet the problem is either mechanical or electrical, but where in the system is the malfunction? That’s what your Door Systems technician will determine when you call us for garage door opener repair in Greenville, SC. 

The problem could be in your remote or keypad or it could be a thrown breaker. A gearing mechanism could be stuck, or your garage door might be out of balance. Whatever the problem, Door Systems will have it back in proper working condition quickly and affordably.

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If you have questions about garage door opener repair in Greenville, SC, or would like an estimate, contact Door Systems today.

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