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Garage Door Opener Repair in Charlotte, NC

Door Systems offers professional garage door opener repair Charlotte, NC, home and business owners can trust.

Discover firsthand the garage door opener repair Charlotte, NC, residents trust. With over a century of experience in the garage door industry, Door Systems is ready to ensure your garage door functions smoothly at all times.

Whether you have a two-car garage door for your commercial garage, or a smaller one at home that needs repair, our team is at your service. In our decades in the service, we have witnessed all sorts of problems that garage door openers can encounter and have developed solutions to all of them.

If you’re unsure what happened to your garage door and suspect that it has exceeded its lifespan, feel free to connect with our experts. We will gladly handle your situation and get your garage functioning again.

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Garage Door Opener Repair Services in Charlotte

Residential and commercial property owners across Charlotte can rest assured that their garage doors are in good hands with a seasoned professional near them. At Door Systems, we recognize how garage door openers can randomly malfunction due to multiple factors, including weather, manufacturing issues, and lack of proper maintenance.

That’s why we have industry-standard tools, high-quality resources, and sharpened skills to repair your garage door opener and have it functioning like new. Repairing an existing opener is significantly more affordable than buying a new one, depending on the potential damage it may have.

If you notice your garage door behaving differently, our experts are standing by to help you resolve your problems. Get in touch today.

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What Is a Garage Door Opener: Learn How It Works

Modern garage doors utilize the technology of a garage door opener to simplify the lives of homeowners and business owners. These gadgets are radio transmission systems that let you open and close your garage door at the push of a button.

They also have built-in security measures, where every garage door opener and remote has unique codes and chips in its hardware. This way, you can rest assured that no one else will have access to your garage door.

However, like any technology, garage door openers can malfunction over time or due to external factors. It may no longer keep your door closed or respond to your remote control. Regardless of your situation, a repair professional is ready to resolve your problem.

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Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Garage door opener problems are easily avoidable if you follow proper maintenance procedures. This way, you can maximize its average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. However, your busy schedule might prevent you from paying attention to these gadgets, and they end up malfunctioning. If your garage door stops operating as well as before, don’t panic! There is usually an easy fix. Here are some common problems and remedies to consider.

  • Broken torsion springs:
    Despite their name, garage door openers don’t necessarily do the heavy lifting when opening your garage door. Instead, the heavy-duty torsion springs within the entire door bear the weight. Sometimes, one or both torsion springs break, making the garage door opener struggle to lift. If you notice that your garage door doesn’t go up, let a professional see whether there is an issue with the torsion springs before you try to open it yourself.
  • High limit range: 
    Garage door openers usually have default settings installed to ensure they work for standard residential or commercial garages. However, some homeowners or professionals may notice how their garage door closes shut but then goes back up, suggesting that the garage door opener’s open and close limits are too high. As a safety feature, these limits prompt openers to move before they close.
  • Enabled disconnect switch: 
    When you lose power, you can use your garage door opener’s built-in disconnect switch to open or close your garage door manually. However, keeping it enabled may leave your garage motor running, although the door stays still. You can try checking if the disconnect switch is enabled by looking at the rope or knob that your garage door opener uses. If you don’t know what to look for, check your manual or call an expert.
  • Disrupted power source: 
    Garage door openers operate remotely. If your garage doesn’t work as usual when you press your remote or activate the wall switch, there may be a problem with its power source. Confirm that your garage door opener is plugged correctly into an outlet and that your circuit breaker is functional. If you discover that your garage door opener’s motor is burned out, call a repair service operator to replace it immediately.
  • Unlubricated garage rollers: 
    Lubricating your garage door’s rollers regularly is essential because they can get stiff, especially during winter. You might think there is a big problem when your door goes down correctly but struggles to open. Most of the time, the screws just stiffen because of the temperature change. Ensure proper friction in your garage door to allow the opener to function correctly by lubricating your rollers.

If you already consulted your user manual without luck, your next best step to fixing your garage door opener is to call a seasoned professional to assess your situation and provide maintenance. What might seem like a common problem could be more complex and lead to more damage if left unchecked. Allow our team to determine the best solution for your garage door opener problem once you notice any unusual activity.

What To Do If Your Garage Door Opener Stops Working

If you recognize any of the problems associated with garage door openers that we have presented here, consider speaking to a seasoned service professional like Door Systems. We have been in business for over 120 years, delivering high-quality services for homeowners and businesses with garage doors.

As technology has evolved, we have stayed on top of the advancements to consistently deliver the best services our clients expect from us. If you face any trouble with your garage door, we’re just a call away.

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