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Truck Roll Up Door Maintenance: Tips & Troubleshooting

April 18, 2023

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Roll-up doors are a vast improvement to previous options for truck doors, such as swing doors. Roll-up doors are safer, more efficient, and less obstructive than other types of truck doors. Roll-up doors are the best option for trucks that frequently carry cargo to gates and ramps. Diamond Door offers innovative roll-up doors that focus on improving the already advanced roll-up door solutions, making their products the best of the best. However, even the best roll-up doors need to be properly maintained in order to keep them in top condition.

The Importance of Roll-Up Door Maintenance

It’s important to keep your roll-up doors in good condition through regular maintenance. The benefits of a preventative maintenance plan for your roll-up door include the following:

  • Increasing the longevity of your door
  • Ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your door
  • Drastically reducing the probability of an equipment malfunction
  • Decreasing the likelihood of damage
  • Less cost investment in repairs with a preventative plan rather than a reactive one

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to roll-up door maintenance is, “How do you maintain a roll-up door?” There are a few different ways to keep a roll-up door in excellent condition. Preventative plans should vary by use, the purpose of the door, and location. In the most basic of ways, roll-up door maintenance includes regular oiling and testing.

Consequences of Not Regularly Maintaining Your Truck Roll-Up Doors

Unmaintained or poorly maintained doors are likely to fail - resulting in an accident, injury, loss of product, or worse. Doors that are not properly maintained could experience part failure, which could result in many types of failure, depending on what parts have failed.

For example, the drive chain of a poorly maintained door could jump its sprocket, leaving the door to free-fall crash into the floor of the truck. Some of these doors can weigh hundreds of pounds and could result in serious injury or costly repairs to not only your door but your truck itself.

Many other parts on the door could fail if not given regular maintenance. However, Diamond Doors are built to maintain their operation and integrity even in situations where other types of doors would swell, crack, or jam. While investing in a quality door will significantly reduce maintenance costs, giving a roll-up door a proper preventative care plan can protect you against much more than maintenance.

Troubleshooting Truck Roll-Up Doors

If your truck roll-up door has been acting a little temperamental lately, that might be a sign that it’s time for some door maintenance. Here are a few common issues that you might encounter with your truck roll-up door.

Excessive noise

While roll-up doors can be a bit noisy, excessive noise or screeching while opening may be a sign of unlubricated roller trucks. Roll-up door parts need to be oiled at least once every three months in order to keep everything in good condition.

Door Failing to Open or Close

This could be a variety of issues. Doors that struggle to open and close could be a result of poor lubrication, dirty parts, misaligned parts, an obstruction, or poor spring tension. If a door’s spring tension is higher than recommended, it is likely that the springs will break. If a door’s spring tension is too high, the door will be difficult to close and open alarmingly fast. If a door’s spring tension is too low, it will be difficult to open and close very quickly, which could be dangerous to anyone standing near the door.

Faulty motor

Truck roll-up doors can be chain-operated or motor operated. If a truck roll-up door is motor operated and the parts are well-oiled and well-maintained, the door’s motor may be the problem. A roll-up door maintenance professional will be prepared to repair the motor and restore your truck door to working order.

The Best Ways to Maintain Your Truck Roll-Up Doors

While some truck roll-up door maintenance can be done in-house, it’s best to book monthly maintenance appointments for your trucks that see a lot of use. Some maintenance can be spread out over three months or six months, but trucks with lower-quality doors or older systems should be maintained more frequently to ensure the lifespan of the door as a whole.

It is recommended to clean your roll-up door tracks and other visible mechanical components around once a week. While it may seem excessive, the parts of your door could be gathering dust or picking up on your cargo every day. Dust and debris can clog your roll-up door system over time, so it’s important to spend time cleaning it to prevent degradation.

Oiling all moving parts of a roll-up door is recommended around every three months. There are some exceptions to what parts should be lubricated depending on the type and model of door that you possess, so you should check with your manufacturer before lubricating the parts. When in doubt, hiring a professional is the most surefire way to keep your doors in the best condition.

Every three months, the operator gear should be checked for oil leakage. If it’s leaking oil, identify the source and cause of the leak. It should be repaired as soon as possible. It’s important that it never runs out of oil.

Check the tension of your door at least every three months, if not more often. Door tension can be a common issue in the case of doors not opening or closing properly.

Door Systems: Experts in Truck Roll-Up Door Maintenance

The best way to fix an issue that your truck roll-up door is having is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Many recurring or common issues that truck roll-up doors have could be prevented by regular maintenance. Door Systems has been repairing commercial doors for over 120 years. We sell the highest quality truck roll-up doors that require very little maintenance already, but when they do, we provide a comprehensive repair service that keeps your business goals at the forefront of our minds.

Our products and services are designed to keep your facility operating at peak performance. Doors that don’t receive regular preventative maintenance are likely to fail, resulting in a loss of revenue and productivity for your business. When you request a service from Door Sytems, we determine your the downtime impact of the repair and help you plan for possible future repairs or replacements. A representative from Door Systems would be glad to consult with you on all of your commercial door needs.