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Greenville Garage Door Repair Service

Life is full of hassles, but among the most frustrating and annoying of them is when your garage door won’t go up and down like it’s supposed to. It’s not only inconvenient for you and your family, but being forced to exit your vehicle outdoors creates a personal security risk, and being denied the use of a potential emergency exit presents a safety hazard. 

Bottom line, when your garage door is broken, you want it fixed fast and you want it fixed right. Door Systems' 24-hour garage door repair in Greenville, SC, has your back. We will not only have your malfunctioning garage door repaired and back in service quickly and affordably, if it turns out you need a replacement, we can provide you with a quality new door from one of the many brand-name manufacturers we partner with, at the lowest prices around. When you need garage door repair in Greenville, Door Systems is the first place to call.

Local Garage Door Repair Experts for Greenville Homeowners

As a local business and one of the top providers of garage door repair in Greenville, SC, we know the people who live here and what they expect from a home services contractor. We’ve gained a reputation in the community for our expertise, the quality of our work and products, excellent customer service, and affordable cost

Our master garage door technicians are highly trained and experienced and will have your garage door problems diagnosed and resolved quickly and correctly. If replacement parts are required to complete repairs, they’ll be readily available from our extensive on-site inventory of parts. 

With over 120 years of combined service in the field, you can be assured that your garage door repair in Greenville will be done right the first time, every time.

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How it Works

The mechanics of a modern garage door are more complex than they appear, and amateur attempts at repairs can quickly make the problem worse and more costly to fix. 

A Door Systems professional can perform repairs quickly, efficiently, and more inexpensively because of their experience, expertise, and access to cheaper parts. And as part of our comprehensive repair process, they’ll inspect and perform routine maintenance on all the working elements of your door, including:

  • Checking the metal tracks for proper alignment and correct operation
  • Tightening all hardware and replacing damaged rollers, hinges, springs, and cables
  • Cleaning hardened grease and dirt buildup from the tracks for quiet and smooth operation
  • Installing accessories such as openers, sensors, and keypads if required

When your garage door repair in Greenville, SC is completed, you’ll have a fully functional door ready for years of reliable service.


Experienced Garage Door Repair Technicians In Greenville


Our professional staff of garage door experts has over a century of combined experience in their field, and Door Systems has become an industry leader in residential and commercial garage door repair, maintenance, and installation. 

As part of a global organization, we also offer quality products from the most prestigious garage door manufacturers, including these popular brand names:

  • Assa Abloy
  • Clopay
  • C.H.I Overhead Doors
  • Haas Door
  • Hormann
  • Upwardor
  • Raynor

We can offer a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes of doors, including traditional and carriage, at the most competitive prices, along with custom installation services. We can customize your door to meet almost any aesthetic preference or structural requirement. 

Our team can advise you on the best choice for your home, lifestyle, and tastes, or the best option for your commercial operation.

 Our Residential Greenville Garage Door Repair Services Include: 

  • Garage Door Tune-up & Safety Inspections
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Panel Repair & Replacement
  • Photo Eye Sensor Alignment
  • Wireless Keypads
  • Garage Door Spring Replacement & Repair
  • Garage Door Roller Replacement
  • Garage Door Opener Repair/Replacement
  • Track Repair & Replacement
  • Cable Replacement
  • Additional Garage Door Opener Remotes
  • Complete Garage Door Replacement
  • 24-Hour Garage Door Repair

Modern garage doors are sturdy and reliable, but with constant use, normal wear and tear will eventually take its toll. 

For the sake of dependability and safety, we recommend a Door Systems technician perform a thorough inspection and routine maintenance on your garage door twice a year to keep your door and accessories in top working condition.

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Door Systems strives to provide homeowners and business owners with the very best in garage door repair in Greenville, SC, with quality workmanship, exceptional customer service, and affordable prices. 

For more information or to request a quote for garage door service, repair, installation, or replacement, simply fill out our convenient online form and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

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What Causes Garage Door Springs To Break?

Once you understand how garage door springs can break, you will realize the importance of paying attention to the smallest things concerning your garage door’s mechanisms. Should you recognize any of the warning signs of a broken garage door spring, be sure to get in touch with a specialist instead of tinkering with the parts yourself, risking further damage. Common causes of garage door spring breakage and failure include:

  • Daily wear and tear: Any machine is prone to overuse, especially when it is essential to your daily life. When it comes to your garage, you are likely going to use your door more often than the front door. Thus, it opens and closes at least twice a day. If more than one person uses the garage, especially in commercial properties, then the wear and tear increases. As such, springs are more likely to break quickly. Most garage door springs last for 10,000 cycles, where one cycle refers to the opening and closing of the garage door.
  • Rust and moisture: During the cold and wet seasons, your garage door springs may accumulate moisture and end up getting rusty if you don’t address the issue immediately. That rust would reduce your spring’s lifestyle as it can corrode the material. As you apply friction when you open or close your garage door, the rusty springs could break and then drop your door onto your vehicle, the ground, or a person. 
  • Neglecting maintenance: Just like any technology, your garage door springs need proper maintenance to ensure they get the most out of their lifespan. Regular cleaning and lubrication are the primary measures your springs will need. If you are unsure about how much longer your garage door springs have, consider consulting a professional technician. Their expert opinion can give you an informed decision on your next steps.

Regular garage door spring inspections and routine maintenance are essential services considering how damaged springs can lead to costly and dangerous accidents. Let our experts at Door Systems conduct a complete tune-up of your commercial or residential garage to ensure its springs function correctly.

Common Garage Door Spring Repairs

Repairing garage door springs requires expert care and attention. While online DIY resources exist, they require specific equipment, tools, and materials that are usually unavailable in common toolsheds.

Professionals will have everything your garage door springs will need to get back in shape. At Door Systems, we offer comprehensive commercial garage door repair and residential garage door repair in Charlotte to keep your property’s garage as functional as possible.

With the right tools in our arsenal, expect a quick job fixing or replacing your torsion or extension springs. On average, we can get the job done in under an hour unless your situation calls for more complex work. Let us assess your circumstances today.

Replacing or Repairing Garage Door Springs

Door Systems is ready to handle your next garage door spring project. Whether you need minor repairs or a complete replacement, you can count on our seasoned experts to have the tools and resources to keep your property safe from expensive accidents. Contact us today for customized service.

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