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Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Services in Charlotte

Expert Maintenance Keeps Your Facility Up and Running, Day and Night

Properly functioning overhead doors are essential to any property, but they’re especially critical to commercial operations—not only for anti-theft and security purposes but for productivity purposes and thermal efficiency. 

Whether you manage a busy loading dock, a large manufacturing plant, or a small auto repair shop, you need doors and equipment that function flawlessly every single day. Our Charlotte service technicians have decades of experience in the commercial doors and docks industry, along with access to every tool and part we need to get you back up and running quickly!

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Programs in Charlotte

High-quality, durable equipment and access to around-the-clock maintenance services are vital to your success. Here at Door Systems in Charlotte, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with both of these essential elements.

Our team of knowledgeable product consultants, master technicians, and warehouse workers will empower you to spend less time worrying about a potential shutdown and more time growing your business and assisting customers.

Our Approach to Maintenance

Our results-oriented approach to our Charlotte-area commercial garage door maintenance begins with a detailed analysis of your equipment. We determine the age, typical useful lifespan, current condition, and repair history of each of your company assets.

Next, we analyze your business to understand your needs, challenges, and goals. We’ll also determine your downtime impact, repair and replacement planning, current and future facility usage, and current and future business needs. This enables us to leverage the full capabilities of our organization and provide long-term, holistic solutions.

After we have the necessary information, our skilled technicians start on any needed repairs or preventive measures. Our services include safety inspections, repairs, and replacement of garage door parts and openers, sensor alignment, keypad repairs, as well as general part lubrication and adjustments. 

FAQs About Commercial Door Maintenance in Charlotte

How much does it cost to maintain a garage door?

The cost for garage door maintenance and repair varies based on the system. Give us a call, and we can assess the situation.

How often should garage doors be serviced?

Garage doors should be serviced at least once a year to ensure safe and efficient operation.

How long does a commercial garage door last?

A properly maintained commercial garage door can last from 15 to 30 years.

What maintenance does a garage door need?

Preventative maintenance includes lubricating areas of the door, tightening bolts and screws, and adjusting the tension of springs.

Do garage doors need annual maintenance?

Yes, annual maintenance extends the garage door’s life while ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Is a garage door tune-up worth it?

Yes, a garage door tune-up helps to keep your door working properly. A tune-up can save you money in the long run by prolonging the life of your garage door.

We know how important doors and docks are to your business, and we are here to help 24/7. If you need assistance with your doors, docks, or access solutions, give us a call today.

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