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Commercial Garage Doors & Docks in Knoxville, TN

Do you need garage door repair services at your business? Contact Door Systems for assistance! We provide a range of door repair services to get your door back to normal.

High-performing door and dock equipment to keep your Knoxville business moving forward.

Every Knoxville facility has entrances, but what you put in those entrances can set your business apart. With a business to run, you need door and dock equipment that makes your facility look good and just flat-out works like it’s supposed to, every day.

But Googling "commercial garage doors Knoxville TN isn't always going to get you the best results. You need to work with the best to get amazing results. Browse our complete selection of high-performing doors and docks, and let’s create a custom solution to help your business thrive!

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The doors to your business or residence are only as good as their installation. And we do it well.


Commercial Garage Door Services

Commercial Garage Door Repair Knoxville TN

You need to do business with people you trust. When your commercial garage door isn't functioning properly, you'll find that our Knoxville offices and partners are committed to delivering you the dependable expertise you come to rely on.

Our Knoxville Master Technicians are experts in installation, repair, and maintenance who pride themselves on delivering a reliable product while maintaining the highest level of safety. You'll get much better service and superior results than you would otherwise.

Keep your Knoxville facility secure and your business flowing.

While we arenʼt experts at what you do, we understand what makes your business run smoothly. With a steady flow of production, shipping, and logistics, you donʼt have time to think about the equipment that keeps your business running, because you count on it to function properly all day, every day.

At Door Systems Knoxville, our goal is to give you more time running your business and less time worrying about access. As industry leaders, we help businesses like yours all over North America install and maintain their doors, docks, and access solutions, giving you national solutions from a local Knoxville team.

FAQs About Commercial Garage Doors in Knoxville 

  • How do I choose a commercial garage door? Commercial garage doors can take a beating, often simply because of the abuse they take daily. At a minimum, you'll want one with stronger steel and hardware to hold up over time. You also have options such as windows to maximize natural lighting, low-maintenance and energy-efficient options to reduce costs, and fire protection to ensure your interests are protected.
  • What is the life of a commercial garage door? Generally speaking, well-maintained commercial garage doors will last for between 15-30 years. However, if they are not maintained regularly, typically every year, but more often for frequent use, damage, or located in areas where damage is more likely, they'll fail much more quickly.
  • What are the best doors for commercials? Best is a subjective measurement, meaning that it's determined by the individual who is making the judgment call. Similarly, the best commercial door for your business is the one that best meets its needs. Live in a temperate climate but want to take advantage of natural lighting? Windows are best. Extreme climate? Make sure it's energy efficient. Constant usage? Get the best hardware you can.
  • Why are commercial doors so expensive? Unlike residential garage doors, which are only opened a few times a day, if that (we see you, garage storage!), commercial garage doors need to hold up against usage that is significantly more frequent, more damaging, and in more extreme conditions. For this reason, commercial doors must be much more durable in terms of the steel and hardware used to create them, and they also often have more extreme capabilities, such as automatic openings.
  • When should I replace my commercial garage door? Though your commercial garage door may not have reached the end of its life yet, it may have reached the end of its useful life for your business. If you need a larger opening to facilitate larger vehicles, more daylight, more energy efficiency, faster performance, or better features that won't work with your current setup, it's time to upgrade.
  • How long does it take to install a commercial door? If you're trading out the same size door and no alterations need to be done to the door frame, most commercial door installations will take somewhere between half a day to a day. However, if significant changes are being made or you're adding a large amount of new technology to your system, the installation time could be longer.

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