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Garage Door Spring Repair in Nashville, TN

Garage doors are some of the more complicated systems at home. Thanks to age, physical damage, and neglect, some components may start malfunctioning. One of the most common parts that can go awry is the springs, and fixes can get expensive if the problems are left unaddressed.

Don’t let broken garage door springs turn into a major expense. Door Systems is your trusted team for garage door spring repair in Nashville, Tennessee. Let our team come to your property, evaluate your garage door springs, and fix the issue so you can use the system once more.

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The Best Garage Door Spring Repair Services for Nashville Homeowners

Door Systems has been taking care of Nashville garage doors for many years. We’re able to serve most of North America because we follow a fusion model. This means that our company is a conglomerate of smaller businesses that provide customized services to clients. Our business model also allows us to access a wide network of other companies that help us source special parts and provide niche services for homeowners.

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Prioritizing Safety Above All

Garage door springs are dangerous, so we make sure to follow the right steps whenever we make repairs. We also keep every member of our team informed about garage door systems and how to keep sites safe, from sales representatives to field technicians. That way, our workers know how to keep you safe as they perform their roles.

An Experienced and Dedicated Team

With a combined 120 years of experience, the Door Systems team understands garage door systems intimately. We leverage this knowledge to accurately assess your springs, recommend the necessary repairs, and perform fixes for the best results.

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The Importance of Garage Door Springs

Garage door systems are made of several parts, each working together to open and close the door. The spring is one of the most critical components, serving as the component that pulls the door up and down.

Since the garage door is extremely heavy, the spring serves as the counterweight that raises and lowers the door. When the door is lowered, the spring is in tension. When the door goes back up, the spring’s tension slowly releases until the door is fully lifted. Without the springs, the doors will refuse to open or close too quickly.

There are two types of garage door springs:

  • Torsion springs: This variation is the one that hangs horizontally above your garage door. Torsion springs turn instead of extend. 
  • Extension springs: Contrary to torsion springs, an extension spring can extend fully, hence the name. These parts are located on the sides of the garage door.

What Causes Springs to Break?

Garage door springs are in constant tension, and these forces can affect the integrity of the part. As years go by, it’s expected that the springs may lose their elasticity and refuse to return to their original shape. After reaching a certain number of open and close cycles, the springs simply succumb to the effects of wear and tear.

Rust and corrosion are also common problems, with friction shortening the spring’s lifespan. For these reasons, it’s important to maintain garage door springs by spraying them with lubricant at least four times a year.

Garage Door Springs: Repair or Replace?

How do you know if only a small repair is needed for your garage door springs? Replacements are not always necessary, especially if a simple fix can address the issue with the spring. Here are a few signs that only a repair is needed for your garage door springs.

  1. The door is not opening or closing fully: While faulty springs are not the only reason for this issue, it’s possible that they’re not extending all the way. In this case, simply increasing the tension will be enough to fix the issue.
  2. The spring is showing some signs of damage: Rusted, separated, and elongated springs need to be repaired to bring them back to a like-new condition. 
  3. The garage door refuses to open: A door that refuses to budge may be the result of other factors, but a broken spring might be what’s causing the issue.

Many homeowners may not know how their garage door system works. That’s why we recommend that you work with experts like us to get an accurate assessment of the damage. This practice is also much safer. The spring is in tension, and accidentally breaking it could result in severe injuries thanks to the force of the door closing. It’s better to let Nashville, TN, garage extension spring repair experts handle the issue.

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How to Tell When You Need to Replace Garage Door Springs

When the garage door spring is no longer salvageable, a replacement might be needed. Some Nashville homeowners might also prefer the latter since new parts mean a longer lifespan for their garage door system. Here are some signs that your springs are better off being replaced than repaired.

  • The door cannot stay in a mid-level position.
  • The spring makes loud noises when opening or closing the door.
  • Sometimes, the door closes abruptly.
  • The door appears to be heavier and closes slower than normal.
  • You see gaps in the spring.
  • The coils appear as though they’re about to snap in two.

Common Garage Door Spring Repairs

Generally, a garage door spring only needs to be tightened to bring back its original tension. However, we also offer services that help elongate the lifespan of your springs, like applying lubricant and performing tune-ups.

Sometimes, the spring is not the only source of the problem. Thankfully, our crew provides complete garage door repair in Nashville. We can check other parts of your system, like the tracks, cables, and rollers, and address the issues as needed. 

If repair is no longer possible, we can offer garage door installation in Nashville. Our technicians can find replacement parts and install them into your system. If the entire garage door mechanism is compromised because of a natural disaster and other factors, we can install a new system in its place.

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Door Systems is here to provide comprehensive garage door spring repairs in Nashville. We can repair and replace broken springs as well as other parts of your system, ensuring that your garage doors work as intended. Get in touch and let us know your concerns.

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