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How to Buy The Best Garage Door

October 8, 2019

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Just like any other large purchase for your home, there are best ways or best practices to buy a new garage door. And the journey for buying the best garage door for the money involves research, education, comparison and performance evaluation. It’s just like buying a new HVAC system or a new dishwasher. You want knowledge and feedback to make the best purchase decision for you and your home.

How to Buy the Best Garage Door

  1. List what is wrong with your current garage door – This step may seem like a no-brainer, but writing down the problems and challenges with your current garage door can ensure that you don’t settle for a new door with similar issues. So, write down the bad stuff! Does your door pop or squeak when it opens or closes? Is your door rusty or warped? You get the idea.
  2. Write down your wishes for a new garage door – Ok, so we’re moving now! List the items that you would want in your new garage door. More style and design? Quieter functionality? More durability? Make your wish list so you know what you’re going to shop for.
  3. Think about a budget for the new garage door – Of course you’re going to think about budget! There is a large difference in price between an aluminum door and a custom wood door. What design features from your wish list drive up the price? Ideally, a really strong, quality and beautiful garage door for a 16’x7′ 2-car garage should cost between $1,500 to $2,000 plus labor of around $1,200 to install. A custom-designed wood garage door can cost $3,000 and up plus labor. And then every price in between based on details and design features.
  4. Should you buy an insulated door? – Most garages are not temperature controlled for winter and summer weather. So an insulated garage door would help keep out the extreme weather temperatures, and today’s modern doors from ASSA ABLOY have really good seals to the garage floor when they close. This helps to keep out the extreme weather elements.
  5. Consider the safety factors of your new door – If you live in an area of the country that is more prone to hurricanes and extreme weather conditions, you want a garage door that are more storm-ready and installed by a professional team like we have at ASSA ABLOY. And safety also comes down to the new garage door opener, too. We sell the LiftMaster brand of reliable, proven and tough garage door openers. 

liftmasterSo, now you have some tips on how to buy the best garage door. The research is now in your corner to discover all of the various styles, designs and choices of new garage doors on the market today.

We ask you to please consider purchasing a new garage door and garage door opener from ASSA ABLOY, then having it installed by our local technicians. Our garage doors are crafted here in the USA and all of our install and repair technicians are full-time ASSA ABLOY employees.

If you ever need assistance, repair or service with your garage door, you can always reach us 24/7 by calling 1-800-THE-DOOR or using our contact form. We’re always here to help with anything involved with your garage door. Check our location nearest you.