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Dock Leveler Repair vs. Replacement

September 30, 2021

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Dock levelers are a critical part of the safety framework on a loading dock. With orders to fulfill and work to be done, you can't afford to go without your dock leveler, but you also can't afford to cut corners on proper maintenance, repair, or replacement.  Managers who find themselves considering dock leveler repair vs replacement have a lot to consider. If you're in that position, use this information to help guide you in the right direction.

Take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages to both options, and make an informed decision.

Dock Leveler Repair: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Dock leveler repair is undoubtedly cheaper in the short term, keeping overall costs down.
  • In the case of low levels of damage or malfunction, a repair could bring your leveler back to almost-new condition.
  • Minor repairs may result in less downtime for your loading dock operations in the short term.



  • If you have an older mechanical dock leveler, you're probably looking at the first of many repairs, driving up costs with multiple business interruptions.  
  • Parts - If parts aren't available or on back order, the cost of downtime could exceed the cost of a new dock leveler.
  • DIY repairs put your team at risk. Professionals should carry out all repairs.

Dock Leveler Replacement: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • In most cases, dock levelers can be installed in one day, limiting the amount of down time. 
  • You will have the opportunity to upgrade your dock leveler to a more efficient model, saving you money over time.
  • Your facility will not need ongoing repair work to fix the problem -- only inspections and routine maintenance to check if the leveler is in good working order.
  • Complete adherence to the latest regulations and guidelines is assured, comprehensive health, safety, and peace of mind.


  • Replacing your dock leveler requires a larger investment.
  • For low-level damage, completely replacing your leveler may not be necessary.
  • You may not be able to find a like-for-like replacement, requiring an investment in additional dock equipment.

The Right Choice

Unless you're dealing with a dock leveler that's more than five years old, you can probably get it repaired, depending on the problem and the type of leveler. If. you have a newer air-powered dock leveler, they are built to last and top brands offer a 10-year structural warranty. If you have an older mechanical dock leveler, be sure to ask your service team for a cost comparison of repair vs replacement. If the repair cost exceeds 25% of the replacement cost, consider the age of the equipment. Making several repairs on an older leveler can come close to the total replacement cost. 

Be sure to consider the long-term implications rather than just looking at short-term concerns.

Call Upon the Professionals

When it comes to replacing your dock leveler, you need to work with a team you can trust. At Door Systems, we offer professional dock and door repair and we partner with top brands for new dock leveler installation. We understand the value that your dock equipment brings to your business, and we will work hard to minimize down time.

If you don't have a dock and door specialist, we can also provide the maintenance and inspections you need to keep your business functioning at its best, eliminating all of the stress and frustration that comes from unexpected repairs in the future.

All of our team members are committed to service of incredible quality every step of the way. Schedule your service appointment today or give us a call: