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Types of Commercial Garage Door Springs

July 23, 2021

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When you're running a business, it's essential to look after your resources and maintain your infrastructure. As your entry and exit point, your garage doors represent a significant commercial asset. From standard roller doors and sectional doors to dedicated security and insulation products, commercial garage doors require quality mechanisms. Springs are used in the design of many door products, helping to ensure the integrity and performance of your doors for years to come.

Commercial and industrial overhead doors range greatly in size, from a few hundred pounds to more than a thousand. Different springs are installed based on the specifics of the overall design, along with the amount of traffic, the external environment, and numerous operational factors. Whether you have a vertical-lift system, a high-lift system, or an alternative design, it's important to inspect these simple but critical springs on a regular basis and replace them when required. Read on to learn more about garage door springs.

What is a garage torsion spring?

A garage torsion spring is a stiff spring that is mounted parallel to the garage door with a metal rod. The function of a garage door torsion spring is to store the mechanical energy needed for the correct operation of the door. Springs are mounted above the garage door and used in combination with door cables. Garage door torsion springs are designed to tighten when the door is closed and unwind when the door is opened.

Types of commercial garage door springs

Most springs are either square wire torsion springs or galvanized wire torsion springs, with both designs offering their own unique advantages. Both of these systems are frequently used in commercial and industrial settings to improve performance and maximize space.

Square wire torsion springs

Square wire springs allow for greater energy storage and release in a smaller area. These springs are ideal for many rolling steel doors or in situations where space is limited. Square wire torsion springs are a great alternative to duplex springs or multiple shaft setups.

Galvanized wire torsion springs

Galvanized springs are manufactured with a zinc coating to improve durability in extreme weather and corrosive environments. When you need a torsion spring garage door, galvanized products are a durable and heavy-duty solution. Galvanized finishes are used on many commercial garage door springs.

Torsion spring for residential garage doors

Garage door extension springs and torsion springs are often used on residential garage doors. A torsion spring garage door is ideal for smaller and more focused applications, including vehicle storage, yard equipment storage, and general household storage. Residential garage door springs are affordable, easy to maintain, and highly durable in a range of use case scenarios and weather conditions.

Maintenance for torsion springs

If you have purchased a high-quality garage door for your business, it's important to maintain your investment. Not only will this safeguard your door mechanism, but it also helps to protect your business equipment and resources. Neglecting maintenance on your garage door springs can lead to a range of issues, including corrosion, incorrect application, and compromised garage security.

Carrying out a regular maintenance program helps to increase the lifespan of your commercial garage doors and keep your business assets safe and sound.

Garage door springs play an essential role in modern homes and businesses, including warehouses, loading docks, storage units, and a variety of other locations. If you would like to make an order or want to learn more about the many types of garage door springs, please contact Door Systems today.