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Record Doors

6100 Series ADA Low Energy Operator

Model Number: 6100

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The 6100 Series Electro-Mechanical Low Energy Swing Door Operator is engineered to automate swing doors in all ADA barrier free access traffic situations. Designed to meet market demands for dependability, low noise, and application flexibility, the 6100 Series operator can successfully automate swinging doors in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Homes, Public Facilities, restrooms, and any barrier free application, with smooth trouble free operation.

Technical Specifications

Product Details

When cost considerations dictate that simple yet efficient swing door systems be specified, Record’s 6100 series swinging door operator eases your selection process by offering a wide range of applications and openings in which to choose from:


-Record’s exciting 6100 series swing door operator is ideal for use in those applications that demand quiet, smooth performance but without all the add on features in products of this type that generally increase the sell price to the building owner.

- The Swiss engineered precision technology promises the use of the 6100 on any interior doorway without the fear or concern of the door causing a disruption in patient rooms, class rooms, doctor offices or even libraries.

-Able to be quickly programmed and adjusted with the same hand held programmer as both the 5100 series sliding door and the 8100 series swinging door, the 6100 series design allows premium functionality at a reduced cost.

-Record’s unique 6100 series allows full programmability and functionality on a wide range of applications to meet most any budgetary constraints.

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