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Ditec Entrematic

Ditec HA7

Model Number: HA7

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Aesthetics and innovation combine in the DitecHA7. The slim header blends seamlessly with most standard door frames, and fits into areas where standard operators could not. Its quick installation and mobile app set-up make it an ideal choice for offices, restrooms and assisted living facilities.

Technical Specifications

Product Details
Product Features:
  • Aesthetics
    • Slim header design blends seamlessly with door frame
    • Perfect for retrofit applications
  • Convenience
    • Quick Installation
    • Easy mobile app set-up
    • No electrician required; 120 vac outlet compatible
  • Innovative Features
    • Partial Open/Parking
    • Hold Open
    • Privacy Function/Time-Delay Cancellation
    • Ratchet (activate one to open; activate again to close)
    • Push and Go
    • Power Assist
    • Set-Up and Control with App
  • Built-in Safety Features
    • Stop on Stall
    • Reverse on Obstruction
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