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24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

A broken or stuck garage door is an emergency for your business.

You can't safeguard your equipment, goods, or employees if the garage door is stuck open. And, if you can’t open the door, then business grinds to a halt while your garage door holds everything inside captive.

In warehouses, factories, and other businesses, profitability depends on the steady flow of materials, packages, and products. A broken or stuck garage door can cause a loss of productivity.

Access to a quality emergency garage door repair service is essential for every business using commercial roll-up doors. You need someone who will make repairs quickly so that you can get back to work.

If a garage door is unstable or not working correctly, it also poses a physical danger to employees at your facility. Employers have to provide a safe workplace, and issues with garage door springs, tracks, or other structural components can be dangerous.

Even if a door continues to open and close properly, you should have it inspected to ensure structural integrity anytime it suffers damage, especially from a vehicle collision. You cannot risk a collapse, which could cause serious injury to workers or damage goods and equipment.

24 Hour Garage Door Repairs

You need an emergency garage door service that understands the urgency of emergency commercial garage door repair. A good emergency garage door repair service knows you cannot wait for regular business hours or a scheduled appointment several days in the future.

When a door is broken, you need it fixed as soon as possible.

It pays to have an existing relationship with a service provider so that they understand your door and the tools and parts necessary for a repair. Identifying an emergency garage door repair service before you need them will increase response time and limit productivity issues in the event of a problem.

FAQs About 24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair

What is a garage door emergency?

By definition, emergencies are unforeseen events that you cannot plan for, and, in regards to commercial garage doors, they can pose significant issues for your business.

When a door is stuck open, you cannot keep your inventory secure, and your employees will not benefit from climate control systems. When a door does not open correctly, it may become impossible to bring in materials, vehicles, or inventory or ship out finished products or packages.

Furthermore, a broken garage door also may pose a safety hazard. Commercial doors are often heavier than their residential counterparts, so it can be unsafe to work around a door that isn’t functioning properly. Not only will employees not be able to use the door as an entrance, but they may also not be able to work in the vicinity of the door until repairs get made. 

How much does it cost to fix a garage door that won't open?

The cost for garage door repair varies based on the reason behind the malfunction. Give us a call, and we can assess the situation.

Can you manually open a garage door if the spring is broken?

It is physically possible to open a garage door when the spring is broken, but it is not a good idea. Springs keep the door balanced and provide a counterweight, so it is dangerous to try to open a door with a broken spring. Trying to open a heavy garage door manually can result in physical injury or even death. 

How do I fix my garage door after an emergency pull?

Check to make sure that the sensors are online and that nothing is obstructing the door. Pull back on the emergency release cord until you see the lever physically attach itself to the garage door opener. You can then try to use the opener. If it does not work, refer to the operating manual or give us a call.

Can someone force a garage door open?

In the event of a loss of power, you can engage the emergency release mechanism if the door is in the closed position. This will disconnect the garage door from the opener and allow you to open the door manually.


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