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Diamond Door

Special Application Doors

Model Number: Special Application Doors

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Our engineering staff take pride in doing what the rest of the industry thinks is too difficult or not of appropriate scale.

Our wide range of roll-up door products and product options provides flexibility in design. We are often able to adapt or modify base products to suit a particular application. It is our job to ensure that our customer gets the best possible product to suit their need.

Unlike our competitors we will adapt to suit your needs. You don’t have to adapt your product or project concept to suit a fixed door design.

Accordingly, our roll-up doors have been used in a wide variety of special applications. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Tool Boxes
  • Tool and Maintenance Carts (Pit Carts)
  • Airplane Compartments
  • Trailers
  • Storage Units
  • Point of Sale Display Cabinets
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment Security
  • Filing Compartments
  • Underground Access Safety Door

It is our policy to engineer our roll-up doors to ensure the end product meets your application.

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