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Brink Alert

LED-Illuminated Door Safety Kit

Model Number: DSK5 / DSK10 / DSK15 / DSK20

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Commercial garage or industrial door accidents are very common.Each incident can cost over $20K to fix the door and $30K to fix the truck. High-speed door accidents cause personal injury, system downtime, and possible freezer-contents damage. Using our LED-illuminated Door Safety Kit, wea attach 10’ of LED strips to the driver’s side of the commercial door frame. The LEDs are connected to our patent‐pending LED Controller Device,which is a small computer and power supply. The LED Controller Is Wired To The Commercial Door Operator (CDO) and controls the LED colors. The LEDs are solid bright red when the door is down, flashing red when in motion and solid bright green when the door is fully open, indicating when it’s okay to proceed. Our LEDs flash bright white light when the door safety device (electric eye,light curtain, etc.) is triggered or malfunctioning.

The LEDs flash red if the door operator loses power. The high‐intensity LEDs bask the truck bay in red light, so station staff preserve their night vision by avoiding using overhead white lights. In summary, our system is a simple visual notification for monitoring door position, CDO power status,and safety-device status while basking the truck bay with bright red or green light.

Technical Specifications

Product Details
Product Options: 
  • Available in double-sided kits for back-in stations (inside and outside)
  • Available in 10', 15’ or 20’ versions
  • 5 types of LED tracks give options for sectional vs rolling steel doors
  • Hallway lighting kits are also available to put red lighting throughout the fire station (trigger on dispatch).
  • LEDs can be epoxied into the floor for a bold truck-backing guide.

Features & Benefits Section with highlighted Features and benefits:

  • Door strikes will STOP because everyone in the front seat helps the driver to wait for the green light! 
  • Power loss indicator - LEDs flash red when door operator loses power 
  • Night vision preservation - Bright red LEDs reduce the need for white light 
  • If safety eye fails, LEDs flash white 
  • Compatible with most commercial doors 
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