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Hollow Metal Doors

Heavy-duty commercial hollow metal doors. 

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Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

When you're trying to find the right commercial doors for your business, facility, or organization, it can be hard to find the right one for your specific needs and purposes. Do you need amazing security? Do you need to present a friendlier face to the public?

One popular option is hollow metal commercial doors, which combine light weight with a strong, sturdy frame that will hold up to a wide range of conditions. They meet most security needs, while still having the option of providing a friendly appearance to your structure.

Are you interested in how hollow metal commercial doors can improve your company's customer-facing image, overall security, worker safety, or specific needs? Request a Quote

Why Commercial Hollow Metal Doors?

Hollow metal doors are recognized as a top value in the door industry, due to their extreme durability, performance, and cost. They often outlast wood commercial doors by over a decade while being less expensive and better insulated. This makes them a necessity for most commercial buildings.

These doors have earned a reputation as a workhorse that can handle the punishment doled out daily by the sheer number of people passing through them. Typically used on the exterior of a commercial structure or between major zones, they're often used in fire-rated openings with ratings of up to three hours.

They're also more secure because they're harder to beat or cut open than wood doors would typically be. This provides your business with an extra layer of protection from vandals, thieves, and those who would be up to mischief in your business's interior, protecting your company's assets.

FAQs About Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

  • What are the strongest commercial hollow metal doors? The strongest can be subjective, so let's look at the options. Are you looking for wind resistance? There are very strong hurricane-rated doors that will hold up against all but the strongest winds. Fire resistance? A commercial hollow metal door can be rated for up to three hours of fire resistance. For general strength, thicker steel with a heavier frame and hardware will meet most security needs.

  • What are common commercial hollow metal door sizes? There is a wide range of standard sizes in hollow metal commercial doors, including 2', 2'4", 2"6", 2"8", 2"10", 3", 3'6", 3'10", 4', 6'8", 7', 7'2", 7'10", and 8'. However, that doesn't mean that you're stuck with that size. Custom commercial doors are also available and details about the range of available sizes are provided through contact with our office.

  • What are the various types of commercial hollow metal doors? Types can include a range of features, including fill, which is divided by honeycomb cardboard, polystyrene foam, steel stiffened, polyurethane foam, and mineral core. You could include how they open in terms of whether they are hinged or sliding. Similarly, having a window and the size and type of window can make a difference as well, from full-lite to a simple strip of security glass.

  • What type of commercial hollow metal door is best for a building? Buildings, businesses, and operations are all different, so different types of doors are best based on the situation. A sliding commercial door with a full glass lite may be perfect for your storefront, while a small window with security glass on your warehouse exit provides better security for your workers in the building.

  • What size of commercial hollow metal doors is right for my building? One size may work well in one area, while a different area may require something completely different. As an example, a showroom floor may require double doors 4' wide each to allow displays to enter and exit, while your personnel door at the side of the building is significantly smaller than a single 3' door. A storage closet may have a 2'6" door. The best size door is the right one for your needs.

Door Systems for Your Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

No matter what kind of commercial door your business or facility needs, Door Systems has the experience to help you make the right choice. Contact us today or request a quote to get started finding the right hollow metal door for your needs.


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