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Commercial Door Repair Services

Speedy, Professional Commercial Door Repair Services

For more than a century, our team of knowledgeable, committed professionals has provided our customers, ranging from commercial enterprises to small businesses, with a fantastic variety of commercial door options, loading dock equipment, access solutions, comprehensive repair services, ongoing maintenance, and expert guidance. The Door Systems team understands our customers, and we’re here to give you the products and services that you need to succeed, when you need them, and where you need them. Thanks to our extensive inventory of products and great manufacturer relations, we’re able to provide your organization with the advanced door systems you desire with quick turnaround times and competitive pricing. 

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How It Works

Properly functioning overhead doors are essential to any property, but they’re especially critical to commercial operations—not only for anti-theft and security purposes but for productivity purposes and thermal efficiency. 

Whether you manage a busy loading dock, a large manufacturing plant, or a small auto repair shop, you need doors and equipment that function flawlessly every single day. Our service technicians have decades of experience in the commercial doors and docks industry along with access to every tool and part we need to get you back up and running quickly!

We know how important doors and docks are to your business, and sometimes problems don’t happen during convenient hours. That’s why we are here to help, 24/7. If you need assistance with your doors, docks or access solutions, give us a call today.

Schedule Maintenance

Check the metal tracks for irregularities

Tighten all bolts and screws and take notice of any dents or flat spots.

Align Tracks

Align tracks with a level, ensuring a slight slope away from the door on the horizontal track and a straight parallel on the vertical track.


Clean both tracks and all rollers free from dirt and hardened grease.

Check All the Hardware

Tighten screws and replace damaged hinges.


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Door Systems is proud to serve customers around the world in a large range of industries, including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, engineering, electronics, and micro-mechanics. Whether your business needs a full set of replacement overhead doors or professional repair and ongoing maintenance services for your existing assets, we are here to help. We have extensive experience helping customers find the right solutions to suit their unique needs, and we’d like to do the same for you. Whatever your next project is, let us help you find a commercial door, loading dock, or access solution that strikes the ideal balance between quality, cost, and performance. 

Full Service Repairs Tailored to Your Needs

At Door Systems, we understand that when your doors go down, so does your company’s productivity. That’s why we carry only the highest quality commercial doors designed for buildings of all sizes, types, and functions, and offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services to ensure your investment stays in great condition for years to come. When your assets are properly cared for, their useful lifespan is extended and this minimizes the amount of money you’ll need to invest in purchasing new ones. Keeping your doors in working condition helps your bottom line and saves you money for more meaningful initiatives, such as breaking ground on your new factory or investing in employee enrichment programs. 

When it comes to door repair, no one does it better than our team. Our expert technicians are skilled in delivering the impeccable service you deserve in the shortest amount of time possible. Whether your facility’s doors need a basic tune-up or an emergency repair, we’re here to provide you with the speedy, professional service you need to stay fully operational and at peak efficiency. In no time, your day will be back on track and your team members will benefit from properly functioning, fast-moving doors that won’t get in the way of their daily operations. The best part? With our network of independent company partners located across North America, we’re able to provide customers located in this country with 24/7 service and product installation. Door Systems is always here for you, whether it’s in the middle of the night or on a holiday. 

The next time you type “commercial door repair service near me” or “commercial door repair company near me” into the Google search bar, you know which service provider to select: Door Systems, North America's Leading Dock and Door Specialist. Here’s a full breakdown of how we can help: 

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Regular check-ins 
  • Commercial garage door repair and tune-ups
  • Safety inspections
  • Broken spring repair and/or replacement 
  • Garage door opener repair and/or replacement 
  • Cable repair and/or replacement
  • Panel repair and/or replacement 
  • Track repair and/or replacement 
  • Miscellaneous parts acquisition and/or replacement 
  • Track alignment 
  • Multiple or single new door installations and set-up 
  • Complete door replacements 


Whether you manage a manufacturing plant, busy loading dock, auto repair shop, or warehouse, you need on-demand service to ensure that your commercial doors are functioning properly and empowering your teammates to accomplish their goals. Efficiency is everything and in order for you and your team to move full-steam ahead, you need high-quality products, and expert repair and maintenance services provided by a company that knows your unique needs, challenges, and goals. Every minute counts, and if you end up losing an entire day of work due to an overhead door being out of commission, that results in financial losses for your organization. Never settle for second best ever again and make sure to come to Door Systems. We have extensive experience helping businesses get back up on their feet in record time. 

Get Help From a World-Class Service Provider

It’s not enough for a commercial door to be constructed from high-quality materials and crafted by skilled manufacturers: it must be properly serviced and repaired as needed. Throughout the course of a workday, overhead doors are shut and closed countless times and this can wear down on each component, ranging from the track to the cables. In cases where an overhead door is kept out in the elements, such as in the snow, rain, or heavy sunshine, this can accelerate the wear and tear of the components and result in an early retirement, which in turn, will increase your equipment expenses. Weather emergencies and accidents can also take a toll on your doors. Your doors are a significant investment so it’s important to care for them throughout the course of use. This will help to increase their useful lifespan and save you big on replacement costs

However, don’t just settle for a second-rate repair service provider. Your high-quality doors deserve the best, most skilled service in the industry and that’s exactly what we provide at Door Systems. We’ve completed countless repairs, both scheduled and emergency, for our valued customers and we’d like to provide you with the same level of service and client support. If you’re in need of a repair or replacement service, submit a service request. Once you fill out our short form, one of our friendly representatives will be reaching out to schedule an appointment for you. You can rest assured that our team of skilled technicians will be getting started on your requested service in a jiffy, so that you can restore optimal functionality for your facility and get on with your busy day. If you have any additional questions, you can also reach out to our customer support team. We look forward to serving you and your team here at Door Systems.

We Follow National Garage Door Safety Standards Because Safety is Our Priority.

Woven into the fabric of our identity is safety. We focus on products specifically engineered to prevent injuries due to special safety features. At Door Systems, we pride ourselves with maintaining a safety first culture.  From our sales representatives, to our warehouses and our field technicians, we aim to provide our team with the knowledge they need to keep job sites safe for our customers and ourselves.  

At Door Systems, our goal is to work injury and incident free. This is executed by our corporate EHS safety plan, commitment, leadership, open lines of communication, and continuous improvement of our safety programs and procedures.

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