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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage doors are most people’s primary entrance, especially if they travel to and from their home in a car. As such, the door opens and closes multiple times daily, increasing its risk of malfunction due to constant friction. In the event it breaks down, broken garage door spring repair becomes an essential service. 

Door Systems proudly offers comprehensive garage door services, ranging from installation to repair. We can handle any problem associated with garage doors, regardless of size. Whether you need repair or replacement for a broken garage door spring or complete garage door installation, you can count on our experts to meet your needs.

Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Garage door broken spring repair services are essential in keeping garage doors functional. Residential and commercial property owners who face various trouble with their garages can usually attribute the issue to the springs.

Whether your garage door is not moving, or you notice bent tracks or hear grinding noises, you’ll need a qualified professional to ensure you get the right service to resolve your unique situation. Let our experts assess your garage door so we can conduct the proper spring repairs.

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The Importance of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are essential to the entire garage door system because they bear the door’s weight, allowing it to open and close. Contrary to popular belief, garage door openers are not the devices responsible for heavy lifting. Without springs, they are useless.

Once you open or close your garage door, the springs expand and twist accordingly to do so. They distribute power throughout the mechanism, counterbalancing each other to help you enter or leave your garage.

Sometimes, one or more springs will snap, causing the garage door opener to lose the power it needs to lift your garage door. In that case, the garage door can come crashing down, damaging your car or hurting someone.

Your garage door may operate in a one-spring or two-spring system. Even if a garage door can function with one spring, your garage door may be too heavy for a single spring to perform the necessary work.

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Types of Garage Door Springs

Two types of garage door springs exist. They are long metal coils that look like any other spring but function differently. These include:

  1. Torsion springs: These springs twist to open and close the garage door, and are more common in modern garage door systems. Depending on your needs, a professional may recommend these kinds of springs for your garage door.
  2. Extension springs: These springs expand and compress to open the garage door with help from safety cables on the door’s upper track. Extension springs used to be the standard in garage door manufacturing and are common in older models.

Regardless of the type of spring your garage door uses, they may break over time. Should you notice any difference in your garage door’s behavior, let a professional garage door technician assess your springs to see whether they need repair.

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How Do Garage Door Springs Break?

Understanding how garage door springs break can give you some insights into the importance of paying attention to every part of your garage door. Should they snap, you must call a specialist to remedy the problem immediately. Some of the most common reasons why garage door springs break includes the following:

  • Overuse: Garage doors are not immune to daily wear and tear. Expect your springs to fail over time, especially if you treat your garage as your front door. If more people enter or exit, they also contribute to the door’s daily use, increasing the risk of your springs breaking much sooner.
  • Weather conditions: Garage door springs can get rusty, especially during the cold and wet seasons. When rust forms on your torsion or extension springs, their lifespan reduces significantly. As they twist or expand, the rusty parts could break and cause your garage door to fall when opening or closing.
  • Poor maintenance: No technology is built to last, but you can still maximize its lifespan by performing proper maintenance. When it comes to your garage door springs, cleaning and lubricating them regularly can help you avoid unexpected accidents. You may also consult a professional garage technician to assess your spring’s lifespan for an idea of how much longer it has until it breaks.

Consider getting a garage door spring specialist to conduct regular inspections and tune-ups on your garage door to lessen your chances of it crashing down. At Door Systems, we have access to the best resources and materials in the industry to ensure your garage door springs function correctly.

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

Most garage door springs have a lifespan of 10,000 cycles. Cycles refer to the garage door opening up and closing. Suppose you exit your garage in the morning and then enter it in the afternoon, then the door opens and closes twice a day. Thus, it has gone through two cycles. That gives you about seven years of garage door spring life.

If more than one person comes in and out of the garage, then it will reach its maximum cycle lifespan much faster. However, some engineers create specialty springs that are suited for industrial uses. These special torsion springs double the average lifespan, as they expect several vehicles to use the garage.

Regardless of their lifespan, they can still break eventually. As such, garage door broken spring repair remains an essential service.

Make Your Garage Door Springs Last Longer

Although it’s common for garage door springs to break, especially without proper maintenance, some strategies can help you maximize or even extend their lifespan. Regular lubrication is the easiest solution that homeowners or business owners can use to support their garage door springs.

However, not all lubricants are the same. Your garage deserves only the best materials. Door Systems offers comprehensive assistance when it comes to your garage door. Our access to world-class tools and products allows you to keep your garage door springs functional and well-oiled to prevent dangerous accidents. 

Whether you need commercial door services or residential garage door services, our team is fully equipped to handle your garage door needs. 

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