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Retrofitting Services

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As businesses grow and challenges arise, facility managers must seek new retrofitting services to protect employees and property. No matter the size or shape of your existing commercial space, your desired aesthetic look, or the level of protection you need, Door Systems will provide the retrofitting services required to ensure maximum security and operational efficiency.
Our commercial gates and loading dock equipment are compatible with a broad range of RFID access control systems and technologies, meeting the needs of any opening, no matter the size or capabilities.

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The first line of property defense.

A necessary retrofit for most companies is the addition of gate and fence access. Preventing unauthorized access is crucial for protecting your inventory and employees. Our customizable retrofitting services will secure your existing facility with commercial gates and access control systems to ensure optimal control of your property and assets.

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Exterior Doors

Existing buildings and odd jobs.

Upgrading your exterior doors can have many benefits thanks to our retrofitting services. Level up your brand image with sleek, all-glass doors, protect the internal environment of your facilities with more durable doors, fit larger objects into your facilities, and more. Whatever the reason for your upgrade, we have a solution that solves your problem.

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Interior Doors

Efficiency, access control, and more.

As your business challenges expand, upgrading your interior doors to meet growing needs is imminent. Making certain areas more secure or temperature-controlled, increasing visibility for aesthetics, controlling access to certain areas, and increasing efficiency flow are just a few ways retrofitting services can help your business keep moving forward.

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Safety is a Priority

Woven into the fabric of our identity lies safety. We focus on providing products and retrofitting services that boast special safety features. At Door Systems, we pride ourselves on maintaining a safety-first culture. From our sales representatives and field technicians to our warehouses, we aim to provide our team with the knowledge they need to keep job sites safe for customers and ourselves. We accomplish this by following our corporate EHS safety plan, valuing leadership, maintaining open lines of communication, and continuously improving our safety programs and procedures.

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