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What Is the Cost of a Commercial Overhead Door?

January 21, 2021

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No matter what business sector you’re in – from storage, distribution, retail or automotive service or sales – installing the right commercial overhead door is the key to running an efficient business. When it comes to value, it’s essential to gather information about brand quality, durability, warranty, and performance guarantees, in addition to pricing. 

While there are many choices for affordable commercial doors made from high-quality materials, only dedicated, experienced commercial overhead door experts can ensure that your business needs are met with quality installation in a timely manner. At Door Systems, we help businesses all over North America choose the best solution, and our brand circles the globe.  

Before you begin comparing prices, make sure you’re asking all of the right questions and discussing all of the right features for your business. 

Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

Commercial overhead doors come in a variety of styles and materials with availability in standard and custom sizes. If you’re not sure which type is best for your business, make sure your provider offers a variety of overhead doors, docks, and access solutions to help you select and build the best solution.  

At Door Systems, we carry all of the following types of commercial doors:

Insulated Doors

Quality insulated doors are available in stainless steel, galvanized steel, composite vinyl panels for cold storage, and some are fire-rated. Not only can the insulation add extra strength and durability to standard overhead doors, but it can also provide greater energy efficiency, reduce noise  pollution, and give you ultimate control over the temperature inside your building.

Pricing for insulated doors will vary depending on the following features and options:

  • Steel Thickness: 16-gauge, 20-gauge, 24-gauge. As the gauge number increases, the material thickness (and price) decreases.
  • Size: Standard size insulated doors range from 8’ high to 24’ 4” high and from 8’ wide to 40’ 2” wide. Custom sizes are also available, but standard sizing will always come at a lower price. If you are working with an existing space, be sure to ask about retrofitting services
  • Insulated Rolling Fire Door: National or local safety standards may require installing a fire-rated door system. Fire ratings range from 20 minutes to three hours, and the rating will affect the price. Most rolling fire doors are made of steel, but higher quality fire doors will automatically close in the event of a fire, acting as a physical barrier to prevent the spread of smoke and flames. 
  • Cold Storage Doors: Prices will vary depending on size and features. Be sure to ask about high-speed cold storage doors; their energy efficiency is worth the cost of the upgrade. 
  • Heavy Duty Insulated Doors: 2” thick doors with a minimum R-Value 7.0 and 20-gauge steel panels will ensure maximum strength, performance, and energy efficiency. 

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional doors offer a variety of choices in materials to accommodate the needs of many industrial applications. The most popular options are lightweight aluminum sectional doors and heavy-duty 2-inch insulated sectional doors. Prices will vary, but these types of doors are built for the long haul. Be sure to ask about warranty information, hardware, and features that will hide daily wear and tear. 

Rolling Service Doors

Rolling service doors offer pricing flexibility for businesses that are short on head room and side space. Be sure to ask about pricing for all of the following upgrades for rolling service doors:

  • High-performance roll-up doors
  • Insulated roll-up doors
  • Fire-rated roll-up doors
  • Roll-up doors with wind load protection and weather seals
  • Security roll-up doors

High Speed Overhead Doors

High speed overhead doors are a must for businesses with high productivity goals. Built to move up to 2x faster than other commercial overhead doors, the high-quality brands come with guaranteed 1,000,000 open/close maintenance-free cycles.  If a high-speed overhead door is a must for your business, be sure to ask about performance guarantees, warranties, and ultra-fast options. 

Impactable Sectional Overhead Doors

Quality impactable doors have incredible durability and can prevent costly damage to door panels from trucks and forklifts, making them an ideal choice for a busy warehouse or distribution center. Investing in quality impactable sectional doors will keep your business running without costly downtime for repairs. 

Now that you understand all the different types of commercial overhead doors, you can focus on getting prices on doors that will best serve your business or project. 

Investing in The Future

Protecting your overhead door, inventory, property, and employees will bring you extra peace of mind. Consider additional safety and security items while you’re in the planning stage:

Work with a Safety-First Provider

When you work with Door Systems overhead door specialists, you can enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • High-quality doors, docks, and other elements that will hold up under extended use
  • Fast and efficient installs – no costly downtime
  • The ability to focus on your business rather than on finding, installing, and maintaining your overhead doors
  • Dependable expert advice from trusted master technicians
  • Customer-centered service from a global company that is backed by over 120 years of industry experience and skill 

Discover the possibilities for your location with our Interactive 3D Warehouse. Our garage door experts are available to assist you.  Just give one of our door experts a call at 1-800-THE-DOOR, use our Request a Quote Form. We look forward to working with you.