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Garage Door Repairs for Weird Popping Noises

December 18, 2019

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A new or in-shape garage door does not have a loud popping or banging noise when the door opens or closes. It’s a smooth operator! And when the garage door opener is operating quietly and all of the panels, hinges and rollers are in good order, you really should not hear any noises except a quiet whir of the opening and closing. Ahhh…a virtual symphony to your ears.

But wait! You’ve been hearing a loud popping and banging noise when your garage door closes or opens. What the heck? There are several issues that can cause your garage door to pop and bang. And these will ruin your enjoyable, quiet symphony.

Why is My Garage Door Making Popping Noises?

The first time you hear a loud popping or banging noise from your garage door is unsettling. You probably even say aloud, “what was that popping noise?” Well, there indeed is an issue that needs to be serviced and repaired by a garage door repair service like ASSA ABLOY.

So let’s examine why your garage door is making the popping sound.

  • Loose or broken hinges – you can easily scan all of the hinges that connect your garage door panels to each other. If they are loose or broken, this could be your culprit for the noisy pops. You can try tightening them or calling us for door service.
  • Sagging door panels – Over a long life, some door panels begin to sag and bow. This can cause the door panels to “pop” or “bang” as they bend around the curve opening or closing. This is the best time to look at a new garage door replacement or replacing the panels.
  • Bad garage door opener – keep in mind that your garage door opener lifts and gently closes hundreds of pounds every time it is used. This can cause the door opener drive to have stress in the belt or chain. This type of work is best suited for one of our garage door repair technicians because it can be very dangerous.
  • Bad torsion springs – torsion springs are the very large springs on the sides of some garage doors. Over time these torsion springs can lock up and cause the loud popping noise. This type of service is best suited for our garage door repair technicians because these coiled springs are very dangerous.

When our garage door repair technicians arrive at your home, they’ll listen to your concerns and then begin testing and evaluating your garage door to find the culprit. Most of the time, we can repair the popping noise and help prevent it from coming back.

Our garage door repair technicians are available 24/7 to assist you.  Just give one of our door experts a call at 1-800-THE-DOOR or use our contact form. We look forward to solving your loud popping sound and getting you back into the quiet enjoyment of your garage door symphony!