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Improve Warehouse Efficiency with High Performance Warehouse Doors

April 14, 2022

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When you’re operating a busy warehouse with large loading equipment and high-traffic access points at every corner, you need doors and docks that will reliably perform day in and day out. In fact, having the right door and dock solutions makes a huge difference when it comes to the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

Door Systems carries a range of high performance warehouse doors and loading docks that deliver on quality, performance, and reliability for around-the-clock operations. We offer both installation and repair services, including existing doors, so that your warehouse can operate more efficiently. In addition, we prioritize equipment maintenance to prolong the life of your product and maximize performance.

Keep reading to discover why high performance warehouse doors and docks are a must-have for anyone running a warehouse operation.

In Today’s Marketplace, Warehouse Performance Is Crucial

Since 2010, the number of warehouses in the United States has been growing at a faster rate year after year, climbing to 19,190 in 2020. These numbers should come as no surprise given the explosion in popularity of online shopping and E-commerce businesses: more than 36 million packages are now delivered each day in the United States. Warehouses are responsible for storing and shipping everything from Christmas presents and clothing, to essential supplies for frontline medical workers.

As the volume going in and out of warehouses on a daily basis only gets larger, so, too, does the pressure to operate with maximum efficiency and speed. One of the most important aspects of warehouse efficiency is how well your doors and docks are able to handle constant traffic from employees, equipment, and shipments.

Choosing the Right Warehouse Doors to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Busy warehouses need high performance doors and docks that can keep pace with the flow of daily operations. The most critical factors with regard to warehouse performance come down to speed, strength, and durability.

High Speed Doors For Heavy Traffic Areas

High speed doors are a popular option for warehouses, where time is money. They can be up to twice as fast as most warehouse roll up doors without compromising on security or sturdiness. High speed doors are a boon to productivity and efficiency, enabling workers to get in and out faster and even helping you conserve energy during extreme weather conditions. They also reduce the risk of transferring contaminants while loading and unloading trucks with food and beverage products.

Energy Efficient Insulated Dock Doors and Seals For Climate Control

Insulated doors are typically the best choice when your top priorities are not only speed and productivity, but also energy efficiency. They provide excellent protection against harsh climates, as well as when working with sensitive products, such as food and medicine. When maintaining the same temperature inside of your warehouse facility is essential, insulated doors are the way to go.

Versatile and supremely reliable, sectional doors provide a fantastic solution for warehouses of all sizes and types. They come in varieties ranging from heavy-duty steel and lightweight aluminum, to insulated overhead doors. Sectional doors perform on energy efficiency and strength, and are low maintenance to boot. When choosing the right warehouse doors to improve the efficiency of your warehouse, consult a team like Door Systems with years of experience supporting warehouse and operations managers.

Loading Dock Solutions for Lightning-Fast Operations

Investing in high performance loading docks is crucial for any warehouse that is frequently responsible for transporting products. Additionally, having the right equipment to support your loading dock is just as important.

For instance, dock levelers likely play a more important role than you think in the success of your operations. Levelers make it easier for employees to unload trailers and trucks, and they even help to reduce the risk of warehouse accidents. Selecting the right loading dock leveler for your unique needs—and taking the time to check regularly that it’s in good operating condition—will promote fewer delays and a faster warehouse.

High performance dock lifts can also support a safer, more accessible, and more productive warehouse. In addition to eliminating the risks associated with ramps, dock lifts also make your docks more accessible, leading to higher productivity and increased safety. Dock lifts are suited to a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Finally, deploying a controls and management system for your loading docks can help streamline your warehouse operations as your workload increases. Controls and management systems empower you to get organized and take control of your dock operations. They go a long way toward improving warehouse efficiency and speed.

Regular Maintenance and Warehouse Door Repair Boosts Efficiency

Nothing slows down your warehouse operations faster than a piece of broken equipment, or simply equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained and operates with sub-par performance as a result. At Door Systems, we focus on not only installing all doors, docks, and equipment right the first time, but also on providing regular maintenance to ensure that it remains in optimal working condition for as long as possible.

Addressing any necessary repairs in a prompt manner will also help you build efficiency. Whether we originally installed your warehouse doors or not, we can provide a full suite of repair services to restore them to the best condition possible and help you operate more efficiently. Our expert technicians make it their mission to get your warehouse back up and running at maximum speed as fast as possible. Don’t let improperly functioning equipment slow you down; Door Systems can help get virtually any piece of equipment back to its normal function, while preventing issues down the road.

A True Partner to Warehouse Managers and Owners

At Door Systems, our number one priority is to get in and out as quickly as possible, so that the disruption to your flow of operations is minimized. We’re in the business of solving problems for our warehouse partners—not creating them! Our goal is to be a true partner to those who entrust us with installing, maintaining, and repairing their warehouse doors and dock equipment. To that end, we maintain open lines of communication and update our clients frequently throughout the process. Our team of customer service specialists is always available to help should you need them, too.

If you’re looking for the right partner to bring you to the next level of warehouse efficiency, look no further. Door Systems offers high performance warehouse door and loading dock solutions to fit any facility. Talk to a representative at a location near you!