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Types of Commercial Roll Up Doors

October 19, 2021

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On the surface, it can seem like all industrial roll up commercial garage doors are the same. The door goes up; the door goes down, right? In short, no. While roll-up doors serve the same primary purpose, they are far from equal. In this article, you're will learn about the four main types of industrial roll-up doors.

The 4 Types of Industrial Roll Up Doors

Standard Industrial Rolling Service Door

Sometimes, simplicity is best. The standard industrial rolling service door design is ideal for spaces where side space and headroom are limited. They roll up right at the top of the door and are typically available in machine-operated, hand crank, or push-up models, impacting both cost and utility.

For example, machine-driven doors are easier to use but are more costly to install and require more ongoing maintenance. These standard doors are known for their quick installation, so they can be a great solution when you need to install a secure, high-performance door that looks great and serves a high-traffic facility. Rolling service doors are available in aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel, and insulation and security options are available. 

High Performance and High-Speed Roll Up Door

Suppose you're planning a project for a large industrial space, the automotive or aerospace industry, cold storage areas, cleanrooms, parking garages, or a space that will endure high volumes of traffic every day. In that case, a high-speed roll-up door is a superior choice.

High-performance doors like the Extreme 300 Series implement a springless design, giving them an operational capacity for up to 300,000 door cycles without requiring maintenance.

High-speed commercial doors are available in a variety of performance options; rigid exterior, PVC fabric panels, steel, sealed doors, etc. 

heavy Duty Commercial Security Door

All of the roll-up security doors that we carry are built to last with security in mind, but in some cases, a heavy-duty commercial security door is the best option. These impactable sectional doors are designed to work in heavy equipment settings. They have a foam core, giving them a flex feature that doesn't ruin the door if someone or something runs into it. 

Insulated Roll-Up Door

The insulated roll-up door is perfect if you're concerned about the temperature inside your building or a certain section of your building. Most high-quality insulated roll-up doors will pay for themselves in 2-4 years in energy cost savings! If your business requires doors with compliance certifications from IECC, ASHRAE, or LEED, you can't go wrong with an insulated roll-up door. 

You can add features to your Insulated roll-up door depending on your type of business and requirements: 

  • Add roller end locks and wind locks for areas with high wind exposure. 
  • Acoustic control: Keep the noise out of the building (or prevent it from being a nuisance if your building is the source of the noise).
  • Fire Safety - A roll-up fire door serves as a physical barrier to smoke and flames, protecting other parts of the building. 


Choosing the Right Commercial Roll Up Door for Your Project

Choosing the right overhead door for your building will impact the volume of work that gets done, the safety and compliance of your building, and the longevity of the door itself. If you're not sure which door style is the best choice, our experts are ready to answer your questions. For more information find a location near you, or contact us to speak with a door expert today.