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Roll-up Door Installation: Why You Should Hire a Professional

October 21, 2022

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Every business owner should prioritize saving unnecessary costs where possible since this will increase profit and support a successful operation. However, it is necessary to note that just because a cost can be cut does not mean that it should. Completing tasks in-house instead of outsourcing them to professionals may seem like an obvious, financially sound choice. The reality is much more complicated. Though more expensive than completing tasks in-house, professionals provide experience and long-term value. Sometimes, the benefits of hiring a professional are not acutely observed immediately. Still, professionals can provide consistency of performance and quality assurance to your door installations over the long haul that beginners cannot typically achieve. 

Just as saving unnecessary costs is vital to running a successful business, recognizing beneficial investments is crucial as well. At Door Systems, we understand the impulse to attempt to install products like doors yourself. However, outsourcing installation to experienced professionals is a worthwhile investment. Door installations require specific knowledge since the sizing must be perfect for the doors to operate effectively. This requires specific tools and resources that professionals are familiar with and can leverage to calibrate the door to the space.

Truck roll-up doors especially require professional attention since truck roll-up doors function to protect the integrity of the vehicle and the assets that the vehicle carries. If installed incorrectly, the door could result in a loss of product, expensive repairs, and unplanned downtime. These reasons, combined with the benefits of outsourcing roll-up door installation to professionals at Door Systems, are compelling reasons to hire a professional for your installation. 

What are Truck Roll-Up Doors?

In order to appreciate the importance of installing truck roll-up doors correctly, you must understand what truck roll-up doors are and their significance. 

Truck Roll-Up doors are typically installed on box trucks and semi-trailers that are used for commercial, delivery, or logistical purposes and are normally used on the rear entrance of the truck. These doors provide an efficient alternative to older door systems since they require less maintenance and occupy less space when installed properly.

Truck Roll-Up doors can be made of aluminum, wood, or a combination of composite materials. Most often, roll-up doors are made from aluminum. Regardless of their material composition, all roll-up doors consist of panels that are held together by joints and interlocks to create a flexible, seamless door. There cannot be any spaces between these shutters because spaces would compromise the door’s integrity. The door itself is only one part of the system required for roll-up doors to function effectively.

Truck roll-up doors are placed on guide tracks to allow them to open and close smoothly. Roll-up doors are typically sealed with weather sealants to repel the elements and prevent the door from leaking. Safety features are critical on truck roll-up doors since the door closing unexpectedly could result in serious injury. So, proper installation of truck roll-up doors requires safety features to be included and checked. Truck roll-up doors can also feature counterbalance spring systems, which allow the doors to open and close smoothly. These must be calibrated correctly for the door to function properly. 

Through understanding the basic features and benefits of truck roll-up doors, it becomes clear that their functionality is dependent on proper installation. 

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals

While outsourcing your truck roll-up door installation to professionals is necessary for functionality, there are also compelling benefits to hiring professionals as well. 

Optimal Functionality of your Truck Roll-Up Door

If you are going to invest in truck roll-up doors, then you want them to function properly. Professional installation ensures that your truck roll-up door will include all necessary safety and weather-resistant features. It also ensures that your roll-up door glides smoothly and efficiently to save you and your employees time.

Access to the Proper Tools

While it may seem like installing your roll-up door yourself will save money, you will likely find yourself lacking some of the proper tools to install the door. Purchasing the tools for yourself, combined with the unplanned downtime as you attempt to install the door, will likely cost you more than the professional installation. Our professional installation experts come prepared with all the necessary tools for the job, so the door is installed without hassle or delay.

Increased Efficiency

When you hire a professional to install your truck roll-up door, you not only get to enjoy the efficiency the door provides but the installation’s efficiency as well. Professionals have years of experience installing these doors so they can complete the installation much faster. This limits the downtime for door installation and allows your business to begin operating as normal quickly.

Decreased Maintenance Costs

One of the appeals of truck roll-up doors is the lower maintenance costs compared to other truck door options. When installed correctly, the panels of the roll-up doors remain cohesive, and the door resists weather and external elements well. The probability of necessary maintenance increases when a professional does not complete the installation. So, though professional installation is a cost upfront, it leads to long-term savings on repairments.

Costs of not Hiring Professionals

The costs of not hiring a professional are connected to the benefits of hiring a professional for your door installation. Since hiring a professional guarantees that you have a safe, effective, and efficient truck roll-up door, not hiring a professional can lead to opposite results. Truck roll-up doors are complicated, so inexperienced installation may lead to unsealed cracks in the panels, weather elements leaking into the truck, and missing or uncoordinated springs. Inexperienced installation can also lead to a higher probability of unplanned downtime and expensive maintenance fees in the long run.

Truck roll-up doors are a worthy investment since they increase efficiency and safety for your vehicles. As you invest in roll-up doors, it is crucial that you invest in hiring professionals for your door installation as well. The combination of innovative door solutions and experienced professionals for your truck roll-up installation will save time and money while optimizing the benefits of your roll-up door.

At Door Systems, we are proud to offer expert door installation services at reasonable prices. If you are ready for a seamless and effective installation process for your roll-up doors, reach out to our experts to help. You can contact us online to request a quote or service or find the nearest location to you!

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