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Top 3 Benefits of a Wood Garage Door

August 11, 2020

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Most people have bucket list items like traveling the world, climbing to the top of their corporate ladder or investing in a vacation home. My wife and I work hard and a bucket list item we’ve always wanted is to purchase an old farmhouse near the mountains of North Carolina. We want a place where we can unwind, see the stars at night and enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch as we watch the sunrise together. We invested in an old farmhouse that had a lot of character and our first order of business was to replace the garage door because the existing one was not repairable. We wanted something that fit the charm of the home and after researching different garage door types, a wood garage door was the perfect solution.

Why We Decided to Build a Custom Wood Garage Door

As Durable as Steel, Without the Risk of Rust

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that a wood garage door can last between 15-30 years. Not only that, but it’s built with the same efficiency of a standard insulated garage door with environmentally efficient safe polystyrene. With the high highs and low lows in the mountains, we can maintain the temperature in our garage and increase our home’s energy efficiency. Just like the old times, a wood garage door is built with a solid wood frame and is dent proof.

Bonus care tip from the professionals at ASSA ABLOY: Make sure to seal your wood garage door yearly to ensure it stays fresh and long-lasting.

More Design Options than We Knew What to Do With

Our new home’s garage door size was not standard, so we needed a custom size built. This opened up an opportunity to custom design our new door to fit the look of our home and we were able to start that through the online design tool. There were unlimited door designs to choose from and we had even more options if we wanted to paint or stain our new door. ASSA ABLOY has so many wood options including MDO plywood, marine grade plywood, incense cedar, clear vertical grain cedar, red gradis and mahogany. The sky was the limit in terms of combining materials, windows and custom hardware for a unique look that was all our own. The wire brush distressing weathered look was a nice detail the folks at ASSA ABLOY recommended we do. We even opted to add wind-load to our garage door with a load reinforcement system to help withstand high-wind pressures.

Timeless Elegance That Takes Us Back to Simpler Times

We wanted to create a look that was reminiscent of a carriage style garage door you would see in old black and white photos from the 1900s. We wanted an escape where time moved slower and our lives wouldn’t revolve around technology or our demanding jobs. Our renovated farmhouse gives us just that and more than we ever imagined. And our wood garage door is the cherry on top that completes the look! When our new wood garage door greets us after a long week of work, we are immediately at ease and feel right at home.

A wood garage door is not only beautiful, but it’s extremely durable and with proper care, it’s well worth the investment. It’s a conversation starter and will certainly take your house to a new level of beauty. Someday we hope to retire to our beautiful farmhouse, but until then, we’ll continue to cherish our weekend visits as we brought some history back to life.

The design team at ASSA ABLOY is phenomenal and will assist you in creating a gorgeous wood garage door. You can call them at 1-866-237-2687 or you can fill out this contact form and they’ll be right with you. And if you need help with repairs, contact their emergency garage door repair and service. They can service any make and model!