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Commercial Garage Door Safety Requirements

July 23, 2021

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Commercial Garage Door Safety

When you're running a business, it's essential to look after your employees and customers at all times. From the layout of your building to emergency access, fire hazards, and exit points, building infrastructure helps to ensure the safe movement of people within commercial spaces. Garage doors play an important role in many operations, including warehousing and delivery companies, industrial businesses, retail outlets, hospitality spaces, and recreational zones.

In order to operate your business with integrity, commercial garage door safety needs to be ensured at all times. From correct installation to proper usage, commercial garage door safety requirements rely on proactive management decisions and ongoing operational compliance. Let's take a look at some of the common issues, from access and operational restrictions to training and maintenance programs, and ways to address them

Avoid walking or being under a moving door

Garage doors include a number of heavy moving pieces that can cause harm upon impact. While it's safe to walk through a fully open garage door, walking or standing under a moving garage door is always a bad idea. There are lots of things that can potentially go wrong, including malfunctioning mechanical systems, broken sensors, broken springs, and human error.

In order to avoid walking under a moving garage door, it's important to always raise the door to its fully open position. It's also essential to clear the surrounding space of obstructions to improve visibility, and to have visual and auditory systems in place to inform employees of open or opening doors. Installing an overhead door with a main door on the side is a great way to improve workplace safety.

Require select people to operate doors

When you're running a busy workspace with lots of human and vehicle movements, organization is everything. In most situations, except for very small businesses, it's a good idea to limit garage door movements to specific certified workers. When people are trained and experienced in garage door operation, they are more likely to communicate with the rest of the team and better equipped to operate garage doors without accidents.

Train your employees on overhead door safety

Commercial overhead door safety requirements depend on professional training programs. Specific training programs can have a huge effect on employee behavior patterns and movement habits around commercial garage doors. When people understand the potential dangers associated with garage doors and know what is expected of them, there is likely to be improved staff engagement and fewer workplace accidents.

Regularly maintain your overhead doors

Overhead door accidents are often due to a lack of maintenance. While commercial garage doors do not malfunction very often, problems can and do occur from time to time. Commercial overhead door maintenance and repair services keep your infrastructure in perfect working order to help prevent accidents and protect people. At Door Systems, we offer a range of repair and maintenance services to ensure mechanical safety and material integrity. The best way to check the safety of your overhead garage doors is to get some help from the experts.

If you would like to learn more about garage door safety and maintenance, please contact Door Systems today.