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Access Control Keypads

Streamline traffic flow with Door Systems residential access control keypads.

Access control keypads streamline traffic flow and simplify deploying secure and flexible access management. Explore our easy-to-use wired and wireless residential access control keypads, designed to withstand durable outdoor environments and compatible with most gate openers. Gain better control over your commercial property or personal space with our access control keypads.

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A grid displaying the selection of residential access control keypads available at Door Systems.


A grid displaying the selection of residential access control keypads available at Door Systems.



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Secure Access Management With Access Control Keypads

Elevate the security and convenience of your home with Door Systems' cutting-edge residential access control keypads, featuring products like the KPW250 Wireless Keypad and the Minikey Access Control System. We design our access control keypads to offer simplicity and security for our customer's property.

KPW250 Wireless Keypad

Experience easy use and clear visibility with the KPW250 Wireless Keypad, featuring cool blue backlit metal keys. This access control keypad wireless installation ensures hassle-free setup without added costs for wires. It has features ranging from party mode for flexible guest management to protection against unwanted entry. We design our residential access control keypads to withstand outdoor environments, providing robust security for your property.

Minikey Access Control System

The Minikey Access Control System boasts a recessed side-lit metal keypad for straightforward use and visibility, with characteristics ranging from storing database information in memory during power outages to benefits like withstanding outdoor environments and offering optimal protection against unwanted entry.

Streamline Traffic Flow With Residential Access Control Keypads

Access control keypads streamline traffic flow and simplify secure and flexible access management. When choosing Door Systems, we prioritize cutting-edge technology, elevating your home security with our residential access control keypads and various systems, ensuring complete control and peace of mind. Explore our two access control keypads designed to withstand outdoor environments and see which is best for you!


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