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Residential RFID Access Control Cards

Secure and fast entry

Experience secure and fast residential garage door entry using RFID access control cards from LiftMaster. Residential RFID access control cards use state-of-the-art radio frequency technology to activate garage door openers wirelessly when in the range of a proximity card reader.

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Enhanced Security and Convenience with RFID Access Control Cards

LiftMaster's Residential RFID Access Control Cards offer an advanced solution for secure and efficient residential garage door entry. Radiofrequency identification technology provides wireless communication between the access control card and the garage door opener, ensuring a seamless entry process to eliminate the need for physical keys or traditional remote controls.

RFID Access Control Cards Convenience Features

Integrating RFID access control cards into garage door systems or gate openers reduces the risk of unauthorized access while redefining convenience for homeowners.

Secure Access

RFID technology ensures secure wireless communication, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Seamless Entry

With a simple swipe of our Passport 34-bit Proximity Card, residents can effortlessly access their garage without extra hassles.

Guaranteed Efficiency

Residential RFID access control cards offer quick response times to enhance the user experience, ensuring optimal functioning of the entry system.


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