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Model Number: CC4000

You want charming carriage house garage doors on your home, but you also want doors that are easy to maintain. Good news: you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for durability and performance.

Details You Need to Know

  • Durable insulation + steel interior to withstand the weather and the kids!
  • R-Value = 6.5.
  • Eco-friendly overlay made from reclaimed wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer.
  • Easy to maintain overlay trim: rot, decay, and fungal growth resistant.
  • 1-⅜” steel section with ⅝” thick overlay with coped edge design.
  • Decorative windows that fit the doors perfectly.
  • Hundreds of customization possibilities!
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Technical Specifications

Explore installation technical details below


Insulation R-Value: 6.5

Don't sacrifice beauty for durability and performance. Choose a Concord Garage Door

Maintenance Low
Safety Medium
Section Warranty
Lifetime | 10 Years
Hardware Warranty
5 years
Price $$$$


Design Options

All the ways to customize youu


  • AshleyAshely
  • ArcadiaArcadia
  • BradberryBradberry
  • BrooklandBrookland
  • CharltonCharlton
  • DarbyDarby
  • FairfieldFairfield
  • GreenbriarGreenbriar
  • KensingtonKensington
  • LaurelbayLaurelbay
  • MagnoliaMagnolia
  • MiddletonMiddleton
  • NewberryNewberry
  • PinetopPinetop
  • RosemontRosemont
  • RavenwoodRavenwood
  • SeabrookSeabrook
  • TanglewoodTanglewood


  • True WhiteTrue White
  • AlmondAlmond
  • Wicker TanWicker Tan
  • SandtoneSandtone

Concord Carriage House Door Decorative Hardware

  • alpine-handles-blue-ridge-hingeAlpine 11" Handles and Blue Ridge 16" Strap Hinge
  • blue-ridge-handles-hingeBlue Ridge 11" Handles and Blue Ridge 16" Strap Hinge
  • canterbury-handles-hingeCanterbury 10.5" Handles and Canterbury 17" Hinge
  • canterbury-handles-hinge2Canterbury 3.5" Ring Handles and Canterbury 17" Hinge
  • OP_STEEL_Canterbury_KnockerCanterbury 3.5" Ring Handles
  • Castle_Rock_Handles_and_Hinges-84x84Castle Rock Handles and Hinges
  • canterbury-handles-hinge2Canterbury 3.5" Ring Handles and Canterbury 17" Hinge
  • Castle_Rock_Handles-84x84Castle Rock Handles
  • Maple-Creek-Handles-and-HingesMaple Creek Handles & Hinges
  • Maple-Creek-HandlesMaple Creek Handles
  • nottingham-handlesNottingham Handles
  • nottinghamhandleswithbackerplateNottingham Handles with Backer Plate
  • nottinghamhandleswithbackerplatehingesNottingham Handles with Backer Plate Hinges
  • NottinghamHandlesWithHingesNottingham Handles with Hinges
  • OP_STEEL_AlpineAlpine 11" Handles
  • OP_STEEL_Blue_Ridge_Handles-2Blue Ridge 11" Handles
  • OP_STEEL_Canterbury_HandlesCanterbury 10.5" Handles
  • OP_STEEL_Versailles_HandlesVersailles 9" Handles
  • versailles-handles-hingeVersailles 9" Handles and Versailles 18" Hinge
  • versailles-handles-hinge2Versailles 9" Handles and Versailles 11" L Hinge
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