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Door Systems is pleased to offer our customers products that not only improve their experience moving in and out of a space, but also through it. That’s why we offer a variety of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans, to help you better maintain your indoor commercial environments and keep your employees and products safe.


Industrial HVLS Fans

The Industrial HVLS Fan doesn’t just move air, it circulates air efficiently. Balanced air circulation means: reduced stagnant air, no hot and cold spots, floors kept drier and safer for team members, no condensation, and food and produce will stay dry, diminishing spoilage.

These advantages come with reduced energy consumption, as well. With large HVLS fans working in tandem with an HVAC system to better regulate temperature from floor to ceiling, a facility can raise the thermostat setting 3-5 degrees. That creates the potential for up to 4% energy savings per degree change. And integrating your Kelley HVLS fans with iFAN® software allows for central monitoring of fan activity for optimum performance and energy efficiency.


What is an HVLS Fan?

HVLS fans are large industrial fans that are meant to circulate a large amount of air by using air streams. Air is pulled from above the fan and pushed down in a conical shape to the floor below.

These highly efficient, cost-saving commercial ceiling fans are being used in warehouses, distribution centers, gymnasiums, and a variety of other applications. Rotating at an optimized low speed, HVLS fans move the most air over the largest area at the lowest cost.

At Door Systems, we offer a range of fans for a variety of use cases and are sure to have something that fits the bill for you and your facility. 

  • Kelley Fans
  • Accompanying Control Software
  • Other fan models

How Do HVLS Fans Work?

HVLS fans work in much the same way traditional household ceiling fans do, by creating a downward current that capitalizes on the cooling effects of evaporation. The big difference with these fans, however, is the size. The blades of your typical HVLS fan range from 6 to 24 feet in length— this allows them to move slower while still displacing a larger volume of air compared to your traditional fan. This sizable downward current hits the ground and moves out horizontally, creating a strong but gentle current of air that compounds this cooling effect while using significantly less energy.

The Advantages of HVLS Fans for Industrial and Commercial Use

There are plenty of advantages that come alongside having HVLS fans, commonly referred to as warehouse fans, in your facilities. These fans do more than simply move air— they circulate it efficiently, balancing your indoor environment. This means you’ll see a reduction of stagnant air (less hot or cold spots) coupled with drier floors and no condensation. If your business stores food and produce, your product will stay dry and spoil slower. By stabilizing and balancing the environment your product is kept in, the quality of your stock will be more consistent and maintain that quality across your facility.

HVLS fans have benefits year-round by creating a more comfortable environment while saving on energy costs. They keep people cool in the summer by circulating the air in a space. In the winter, they maintain their usefulness and can be used for destratification— a process that mixes warm air from the ceiling with cooler air at the floor, resulting in a space with a consistent, even temperature. 

These advantages come with reduced energy consumption, making these particularly valuable pieces of machinery for any facility. With large HVLS fans working in tandem with an HVAC system to better regulate temperature from floor to ceiling, a facility can raise the thermostat setting 3-5 degrees. That creates the potential for up to 4% energy savings per degree change— a marked difference in the long term. If your business is looking to foster and support future savings and growth, an HVLS fan in your larger facilities is the way to go.

HVLS Fans are an effective way to reduce the energy costs associated with the upkeep of your facilities, and have shown great results in:

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Gymnasiums 
  • Large personnel-oriented events
  • Manufacturing floors
  • Sports centers
  • Medical offices
  • Agricultural Facilities

Optimized Speed

The speed at which warehouse fans rotate is intentional and highly dependent on the specific environmental conditions of the space you choose to install them within. The correct speed will balance the fans' positive effect with their energy use, resulting in the best possible outcome. This means that you’ll see the best performance statistics at the lowest cost to you and your business. How do you determine the settings that get you there? Door Systems has the answer to this question— specialized software that is built to work for you.

iFAN® Software

Accompanying Door Systems HVLS Kelley fans is the iFAN® software. This ingenious system allows you to closely monitor this delicate balance between performance and efficiency— keeping you within that golden window of excellent results at low energy cost. The easy to understand graphic interface of the software allows you to clearly pinpoint where fans are located within your facility, and from there you can easily make real-time adjustments and measure key performance statistics. This aids troubleshooting efforts and allows you to further improve performance. 

iFAN® software allows you to link up to 30 large fans at a time, setting different zones so that each fan can adapt to its unique operational and environmental conditions. Fans can be monitored by time, temperature, to temperature variance settings, giving you full control of the data gathered and empowering you with easy to adjust settings. Ensure that the operational and energy savings goals for your Door Systems HVLS fans are successfully met by networking them with iFAN® software.

Warehouse Fans From Door Systems

With well over a century of combined servicing, installation, and repair experience, Door Systems has the skills and products you need to maintain and grow your business. We work exclusively with products specifically engineered with safety features in mind, to prevent injuries. Safety and efficiency are woven into the very fabric of our identity as a business. At Door Systems, we pride ourselves on maintaining a safety-first culture, from our sales representatives to our warehouses and our field technicians, we prioritize providing our team with the knowledge they need to keep job sites safe for both our customers and ourselves.

At Door Systems, we offer a broad range of HVLS fan services. From installation to servicing and repair, we’ve got you and your facilities covered with service and top of the line products you can trust. Reach out today for a quote, and see what Door Systems can do for you!


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