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Loading Dock Levelers

Dock levelers are one of the most critical parts of your loading docks.

Levelers make unloading trailers and trucks easier, while also helping to reduce the risk of accidents. Choosing the right loading dock leveler will ensure that your dock is durable, efficient, and easy-to-use, so your operations aren’t slowed down by equipment.

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Loading Dock Safety Equipment

It is critical that your warehouse is using top-quality safety equipment and following OSHA guidelines.

Dock Levelers

For businesses to optimize their operations and maximize efficiency, they must choose the right equipment to support safe and effective working conditions. If you operate a business that includes pickup and delivery with box trucks or powered industrial trucks and loading docks, then you must carefully consider your dock leveler. 

Dock levelers are one of the most important parts of your loading dock since they bridge the gap between a loading dock and a docked vehicle. The correct dock leveler will make the area between the vehicle and the dock completely even, which reduces the chances of employees tripping or falling. This reduces accident risk and creates a safer and more efficient work environment. 

At Door Systems, we are proud to partner with global manufacturing organization ASSA ABLOY, as well as a variety of other cutting-edge door solution manufacturers. These partnerships allow us to combine our local knowledge with innovative solutions so we are able to provide your business with the right dock leveler to maximize safety and productivity in your workplace. 

Types of Loading Dock Levelers

OSHA cites the dock as a main location in its Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards, and states that frequent injuries occur due to employees falling off the edge of the dock, slipping, or tripping. OSHA also lists other instances where employees are injured on docks, including when trucks are accidentally driven off the loading docks or when workers fall between the loading dock and the trailer. Since these loading docks are typically logistical, fast-paced sites, there is a heightened risk of error and injury. Fortunately, a properly-fitted dock leveler can prevent incidents and keep your operations running smoothly. 

Dock levelers meet the need for a level, stable surface for employees to load and unload vehicles. Different surfaces and loading areas require varied types of support. Our most popular dock levelers include recessed dock levelers and edge-of-dock levelers. 

Recessed Dock Levelers

Recessed dock levelers are installed into pits at the loading dock so they can be adjusted to the height necessary for the loading vehicle. These dock levelers offer a long life expectancy, a high load range, and a significant operating range. They are optimal investments for businesses with high-volume loading areas. 

Edge of Dock Levelers

Edge-of-dock levelers are connected directly to the dock, and they work best to support loading areas with minimal variation in truck bed height. These types of dock levelers are best suited for lighter volume loading areas, making them a more cost-effective option for businesses with light load capacities. 

Highlighted Product Features 

In addition to offering multiple dock leveler options, we also offer different types of operators to best suit your needs. These operators are compatible with both recessed and edge-of-dock levelers. 

Mechanical Dock Leveler 

The mechanical, or the spring-loaded, dock leveler uses a system of pulleys, levers, chains, and fulcrums to easily adjust to the necessary position and height in the docking area. This operator has a single adjustment point, which provides simple adjustments, high strength and durability, and easy walk-out. These dock levelers are generally more affordable since they do not require as much power and the installation process is simple. One example of our popular mechanical dock levelers is the CM Series Mechanical Dock Leveler

The CM Series Mechanical Dock Leveler offers: 

  • Nine different model options 
  • Durable components with a heavy-duty design 
  • Unlimited float down hold 
  • Automatic lip extension 
  • Sturdy dock bumpers
  • Below-dock loading capabilities 
  • Simple components that require less force to walk down into position
  • A range of size dimensions, from 6’ x 6’ to 7’ x 10’
  • Lower lifetime cost of ownership than most mechanical dock levelers 

Air-Powered Dock Leveler 

The air-powered push button dock leveler combines a high volume, low-pressure air pump with a single-button control panel to create a simple and efficient design. These dock levelers remove the manual labor from adjustments, allowing employees to change the dock leveler height quickly and safely. There are no springs or hold-down mechanisms, which creates a reliable, long-lasting product. One example of these effective air-powered dock levelers is the AB Air-Powered Dock Leveler

The AB Air-Powered Dock Leveler features: 

  • A high volume, low-pressure air bag lifting mechanism
  • A durable polyvinylchloride-coated polyester fiber air bag lifting mechanism 
  • SafeTFrame® design for optimal structural support
  • CLEAN FRAME® for wide access to the leveler pit
  • A simple button to operate the deck leveler
  • 16” lip standard, with 18” and 20” lip options available 
  • Wide-range toe guards 
  • Heavy-duty dock bumpers 

Hydraulic Dock Leveler 

Push-button hydraulic dock levelers feature a hydraulic pump and motor and a single-push button. The hydraulic systems ensure that the dock leveler will deliver stability during all operating cycles, making them a reliable, safe option. These hydraulic systems, paired with a simple push-button panel, guarantee that height adjustments happen quickly and efficiently. These dock levelers can be a more costly option, but their strength and reliability make them a beneficial investment for businesses with high-volume loading docks. One high-quality example of these hydraulic dock levelers is the HD Series Heavy Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler.

The HD Series Heavy Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler offers: 

  • A regenerative hydraulics system, which reduces maintenance costs and supports productivity
  • A simple button panel to manage the leveler height, lip extension, and safety features
  • Hydraulic velocity fuse to prevent leveler from free-falling when in its working range
  • SafeTFrame® design for superior structural durability and strength 
  • CLEAN FRAME® for wide pit access, for simple cleanups 
  • Maintenance strut for deck, with lockout capability 
  • Lower maintenance costs and high long-term performance 

Door Systems Can Help You With All Your Loading Dock Needs

Whether your loading bay is a lighter volume area or it sees higher traffic, it is essential to have a safe and durable dock leveler. Door Systems is committed to providing our customers with high-quality solutions that will enhance the safety and productivity of their workplace environments. If you would like more information about the dock leveler that would suit your needs best, please reach out to our experts for help. You can contact us online to request a quote or service or find the nearest location to you!


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