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High-speed machine protection doors

Modern technology has enabled automated manufacturing systems to prove high quality, streamlined results. However, in order to provide these effective results, all aspects of the manufacturing line must be technologically optimized. Machine protection doors allow manufacturers to maximize production times by optimizing floor space, speed, and employee safety. 

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Door Systems is part of ASSA ABLOY, a global manufacturing organization that develops cutting-edge engineering solutions and products. Through our connection with ASSA ABLOY, we are able to bring these global solutions to our local customers. Our machine protection doors offer a range of features to address your unique manufacturing needs.  

The History of Machine Guards

Machine guards are compulsory for any machinery that can cause harm to workers. OSHA requires that guards be affixed to any machinery that could cause injury. However, historical machine guards appeared in the form of physical shields that employees had to set into place before every production run. These guards were less effective, and they also heavily slowed production times. Machine guards began to be integrated into machinery with movable or sliding features. These guards sped up production times slightly, but they still required manual implementation by employees. Fortunately, machine protection doors can now be automated, affording employees all necessary physical protection, without the manual labor. These automated machine protection doors offer numerous advantages.

Benefits of Machine Protection Doors

Machine protection doors ultimately function to prevent disruptions from unequal production flow or employee endangerment. Machine protection doors shield employees from hazardous situations, like chemical spills, weld splatter, flying parts, or loud noises. Every machine guarding door has the capability to protect employees from harmful circumstances. However, our automated machine protection doors can be programmed to open and close before and after production runs. This significantly decreases the time that employees must put safety measures into place. The automated machine protection doors also decrease cycle times, since the safety processes are streamlined. 

Our machine protection doors are sleek and compact, which maximizes factory floor space. The guarding doors between the machine and the employees is much smaller than other methods, meaning that more manufacturing equipment can be placed in a specific area. Machine protection doors can be installed on any manufacturing equipment, such as automated machines, production lines, or railing systems. This allows the entire manufacturing process to benefit from the protection doors. Additionally, these doors allow numerous machines to function at the same time, which also increases manufacturing output. Machine protection doors are also associated with lower costs since production times are lower.

Machine Protection Door Features

Every manufacturer’s needs are unique, so we offer numerous machine protection door options to fit each company’s specific needs. Each machine protection door model offers short cycle times, a high number of possible cycles, flexible installation, and numerous motor installation options. They also offer safety switches and a variety of communication options, like Ethernet/IP I/O card, and PROFINET. Every machine protection door model also has its own benefits, created to benefit specific manufacturing needs.

The two major machine protection door options are the ASSA ABLOY Rapid Protect 300 and the ASSA ABLOY Rapid Protect 2000.


Assa Abloy Rapid Protect 300

This machine protection door is a reliable, heavy-duty safety door, optimal for automated processes. The ASSA ABLOY Rapid Protect 300 offers:

  • Large door dimension options, with a maximum of 4000 mm x 3500 mm.
  • Rapid open/close speed, with a maximum of 2.4/1.8 m/s.
  • Numerous door curtain options: There are various door curtains and colors available, depending on application. Options range from transparent PVC curtains with colored reinforcement stripes to highly durable door curtains to protect against sparks. There are also anti-UV welding windows available, which conform to EN 1598.
  • Side frames: The side frames are made of two aluminum profiles. Side frames include safety switches that connect to the door and window areas for monitoring the safety limit switches.
  • Control systems: There are two control systems, depending on application. These systems offer a range of speeds, power supplies, and safety features. Doors without control systems are also available.
  • Safety features: The doors offer options for electrical safety contact edge and door line photocell.
  • Connection to the machine: these doors are able to connect to machines and maximize the automated process
  • Motor power of 0,75 KW.
  • The door is designed according to the Workplace Directive of the UVV regulations and the harmonized CE Guidelines including the EN 13241-1 and 98/37/EG.


Assa Abloy Rapid 2000

This machine protection door offers maximum protection against laser welding and robot applications. The ASSA ABLOY Rapid Protect 2000 offers:

  • Large door dimension options, with a maximum of 3500 mm x 3000 mm.
  • Rapid open/close speed, with a maximum of 2.0 / 1.2 m/s.
  • Door curtain, with slats made of standard anodized aluminum. The door curtain has an option to be equipped with windows made of shockproof polycarbonate (250 mm x 40 mm).
  • Side frame: The side frames are made from steel profiles and self-supporting.
  • Control system: The control system is equipped with Albany MCC frequency control.
  • Safety features: The door is equipped with pre-running safety photocell and an optional door line photocell.
  • Connection to the machine: these doors are able to connect to machines and maximize the automated process.
  • Motor power of 1,1 KW.
  • Protection IP 55.
  • Safety limit switches according to PL d/cat. 3 and PL e/cat. 4 (EN ISO 13849-1), SIL 3 (EN 62061).
  • The door is designed according to the Workplace Directive of the UVV regulations and the harmonized CE Guidelines including the EN 13241-1.


Machine protection doors are capable of transforming your manufacturing processes by drastically improving production output and employee safety. If you would like more information about the machine protection doors that would suit your needs best, please reach out to our door expands for help. You can contact us online to request a quote or service or find the nearest location to you!


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