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Aluminum Roll-Up Doors

Door Systems offers a wide range of aluminum roll-up doors and customized engineering solutions through our Diamond Door division to fit your vehicle or architectural needs.

2024-04-24 15:07:15



Features / Type

A table with images displaying Door Systems' complete range of aluminum roll-up doors.

Diamond Door

A table with images displaying Door Systems' complete range of aluminum roll-up doors.

Diamond Door

A table with images displaying Door Systems' complete range of aluminum roll-up doors.

Diamond Door

A table with images displaying Door Systems' complete range of aluminum roll-up doors.

Diamond Door

A table with images displaying Door Systems' complete range of aluminum roll-up doors.

Diamond Door

A table with images displaying Door Systems' complete range of aluminum roll-up doors.

Diamond Door

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Durable Aluminum Roll-up Doors for Commercial Facilities

Door Systems offers various aluminum coiling doors and customized engineering solutions. From small to large – and even transparent – doors, our Diamond Door division is confident to have the right commercial garage door that suits your vehicular or architectural needs.

The work truck industry is the primary focus of Diamond Door’s products; however, they also design and manufacture roll-up doors for many special applications such as point-of-purchase displays, counter shutters, military containers and pit carts, special medical equipment, pull-behind trailers, and more.

Door Systems is here to help you find the garage door solution to best fit you and your business.

What are Aluminum Roll-up Doors?

Reinforced metal slats make aluminum roll-up doors easy to conceal above the door opening. These doors are a popular choice for commercial settings because they last a long time and require less maintenance over their lifetime.

These doors can withstand heavy use in high-traffic environments, such as warehouses. Like our other commercial garage doors, aluminum roll-up doors provide a secure barrier against weather events and would-be intruders. Roll-up doors are also commonly known as Overhead Coiling doors and Rolling doors.

How Aluminum Roll-up Doors Work

Roll-up doors work by coiling and uncoiling from around a drum attached to the ceiling or wall above the door opening. Similar to a tape measure, they can be rolled up neatly for compact storage and then unrolled when needed. With a wide array of designs and curtain materials from which to choose, these commercial garage doors are as sleek as they are functional and space-efficient.

Though most commonly seen in commercial buildings, such as warehouses and loading docks, vehicles and trucks can utilize coiling doors for additional protection. You may see them on trailers, maintenance vehicles, and even select food trucks.

Aluminum Roll-up Doors Selection

Our Diamond Door division currently carries six distinct types of Coiling Doors. These come in various sizes and materials, giving you many options to select and customize to fit your needs.
Door Systems Roll-up Doors come in various sizes for ultimate customization. Our door sizes range from spaces as small as cabinets to spaces as large as trucks.

Our doors come with many options for locking mechanisms, side guides, and bottom rails. This wide range of customization options allows you to mix and match to create the perfect door for your needs.

Available Coiling Door models include:

  • EZ35-Aluminum Roll-Up Door
  • Mini Clearvision Roll-Up Door
  • 2EA Roll-Up Door
  • 2EB Roll-Up Door
  • NYLOY30 Roll-Up Door
  • N35-Aluminum Roll-Up Door


The Advantages of Aluminum Roll-up Doors

There are many reasons to install a Coiling Door in your warehouse or vehicle.

Convenient Space-Saving Design

One of the primary benefits of Roll-up Doors is the space they save. A hinged door that swings outward requires more space than a coiling door that lifts upward into the ceiling. The coiling design leaves space for other equipment, such as lights or fans. Plus, Roll-up Doors perfectly fit a given entrance to provide additional security.

Protects Belongings from the Elements

These doors also keep critters out while helping to control temperatures and moisture – a top concern for many factories and warehouses. The metal slats of some coiling doors, such as our 2EB Roll-Up Door, can accommodate rubber seals. These seals increase the door’s weather-resistant properties, keeping your equipment and products safe.

The weather-resistant properties of Coiling Doors also help reduce costs. These doors are especially effective in reducing energy use when paired with other temperature and moisture control technology (such as our high-velocity, Low-Speed Fans) that we offer.

Custom Aluminum Roll-up Door Options

Another great feature of the Coiling Door is its versatility. Our Master Technicians customize doors to fit nearly any opening. That is why you see them everywhere, from food trucks to loading docks.

Customization does not stop at the door size. Many of our garage door solutions have multiple finishing options, and nearly our complete product range can be powder-coated for any color you could imagine.

Long Lasting Security

You can rest easy knowing your equipment and facilities are safe and secure behind one of our heavy-duty Aluminum Roll-up Doors. We build our commercial doors to last while circumventing many issues associated with other types of doors. Roll-up doors lack cables or hinges that wear out over time, minimizing repair downtime.

Aluminum Roll-up Door Use Cases

While Coiling Doors are typical in commercial settings, there are plenty of uses for these versatile, secure, space-efficient doors:

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Maintenance vehicles
  • Equipment/Vending Trailers
  • Delivery trucks
  • Pump trucks
  • Shops and offices
  • Factory storage
  • Loading/unloading docks
  • Storage units
  • Cabinets
  • Labs

Why Door Systems?

With over a century of combined servicing, installation, and repair experience, Door Systems has the necessary skills and products to maintain and grow your business. We work exclusively with products specifically engineered with the newest safety features in mind.

Safety and efficiency are a core part of how we do business. At Door Systems, we pride ourselves on maintaining a safety-first culture, from our warehouses to our sales team to our field technicians. We’re committed to providing our team with the training and information they need to operate safely, no matter the job.

Our most important goal is to work injury and incident-free. We support this goal with our corporate EHS safety plan, commitment, leadership, open lines of communication, and commitment to constantly improving our safety procedures.

Request a Quote for Your Aluminum Roll-up Door!

Door Systems offers a broad range of Aluminum Roll-up Doors. From installation to servicing and repair, you can trust that we have your back with reliable garage door solutions. Reach out today for a quote, and see what Door Systems can do for you!

A Trusted Partner

At Door Systems, we value partners, like Diamond Door, that bring valuable and innovative door solutions to customers. Fortunately, through ASSA ABLOY partnerships, we are able to provide our customers with the impressive designs of Diamond Door. If you are interested in the featured products listed above, you can contact us online to request a quote or service or find the nearest location to you!


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