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Janus Commercial 3100

Model Number: 3100

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The Janus International 3100 series is our certified wind load rated model that has been manufactured to withstand strong wind forces. Independent laboratory testing has verified that the Model 3100 steel roll up door meets stringent building codes, while the included one year warranty ensures its quality.

Technical Specifications

Product Details
  • Designed to meet stringent building codes in coastal regions
  • Utilizes 12” drum wheel
  • Maximum opening size of 20’ wide x 14’ high (280 sq.ft.)
  • Push-up, hand chain and electric operations
  • PSF Ratings:
    • +35 PSF and -41 PSF for opening widths through 12’
    • +35 PSF and -38 PSF for opening widths over 12’ through 16’

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