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Record Doors

4500 Series Automatic Bi-Fold Doors

Model Number: 4500

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Where space is at a premium, Record’s Slide/Fold doors allow quick and easy access. Ideally suited to buildings with narrow entrances, they are the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, business premises, hospitals, and homes for the elderly, as well as offices and private buildings. The Slide/Fold doors use Record’s proven system drive and control units and have all the features and functions of Record’s 5100 series standard operator. The Slide/Fold can be either surface applied or mounted between jambs. 4500 series meets APA clearance requirements even on a 48" masonry opening.

Technical Specifications

Product Details
Product Features:
  • Eliminates the requirement of finger guard at the jamb– a component that consistently fails.
  • A folding pivot is subject to torsional loads and fatigue failure caused by
    • location of the pivot point with respect to the alignment of the panels;
    • flexing (twisting) of the door panels during normal operation;
    • jerky operation of the drive mechanism.
  • Moving the pivot closer to the jamb provides additional support of the pivot and increases the clear opening of the door. The record bottom pivot is a sealed, precision bearing mounted into a hardened steel ring, which provides protection for the bearing. Being positioned adjacent to the jamb also increases net door opening and abuse protection.
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